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General Tech / 220 volt fan wiring
 I have two, 220v fans I need to wire up. They came from a large reefer cooler unit. Each fan has only 2 blue wires coming from it. If I stick each wire from one fan into a 110v receptacle, [ positive and neutral ]  the fan works but at only at 1/2 speed. 
 How do I wire them to run at full speed on 220 volts? 

 Making an air cooler / dryer for painting the zuk. 

Samurai Tech / Painting yer zuk techniques
  Guys, I'll be painting the doors [ inside and out ] on my TT zuk this summer, along with the exterior body and exterior hood. Ran outta good painting weather last sept........

 About prep for painting the it a PITA to strip the door glass, guides, crank mechanism and all of the rubber trim......and more importantly, easy to install all of this again once painted? Hoping to avoid breaking 30 y/o plastic parts. Hummmm. Stripping vs taping.........

  I'll be laying the doors down flat for painting as my painting skills are.........well, .....I have none,  [lol]

 I'll leave the glass intact on the TT rear door for sure, and just tape around the seal. re and re of that rear glass would be a pain. 

  Thanks for your thoughts. 
Suzuki Diesel / Air Filter Options
What you all using for air filters / boxes on your diesel conversions? 
 I was planning on using a K&N cone filter, but the more I read into them as being a sub-standard, engine-sanding air filter, I've changed my mind. Now I need to come up with another option.

Yes, there is the oem samurai filter box, it will work, but it does take up alotta room on the I was hoping to use for a water / meth injection bottle. 

 Anyone found a small, well fitting air filter box from a donor vehicle that you like? 
Suzuki Diesel / Pinning the aaz crank questions
I'm in the process of pinning the crank nose and sprocket on a 1995 Golf AAZ engine. I'm doing this work with the engine in the Golf. 

  I have a few questions about there is some wear on the crank nose / keyway slot, and it is not perfect. 

  The old sprocket shows some metal missing on left side [ when viewed with sprocket on the engine ], and the keyway slot on the crank nose is slightly wider at the outer circumference, presumably from the loose sprocket banging on it. Now, it doesn't look noticable in the pic, but I can wiggle the new sprocket back and forth in the loose ketway fit. I figure there is about .010" gap between the sprocket keyway and the crank slot, at the outer edge as mentioned. This .010 correlates to about  1 - 1.5mm movement at the outer edge of the sprocket when wiggled. 

  Before I drill the holes in the crank nose [ already have 2 holes drilled in the new sprocket as per pic ] I need to know what can be done to eliminate the "wiggle" and if nothing can be done, which way should I torque [ take up the wiggle slack ] the sprocket when drilling the 2 holes? 

  Next question; 
 The crank nose is not perfectly flat. Metal has been pushed around some on the nose. When I put the new sprocket in place I can rock it top / bottom, side to side some......not a lot, but I can tell it ain't FLAT. 
How to true this up? A flat file?? Not much room up in there to work, and hard to keep a file flat on the nose when trying to true it. 

  Will it make much diff if it is not totally flat? 2 pins, new crank bolt and new sprocket, red locktite, torqued 66 ft-lb and another 1/4 turn is the plan. 

  Yes, I know removing the crank and welding / machining it to the D shape is the correct fix, [ as i did to the aaz in my zuk ] but this engine is not getting that treatment right now. I want to drive this car on the road for a while, in VW Golf form. 

 Thanks for your thoughts.
Suzuki Diesel / Alternator clutched pulley

 I have one for the 1.9td vw alternator, and it of course is a serp belt / pulley. Wondering if one exists for a GM alt with V belt pulley? 

 I realize there will be some slippage of the V belt and the GM 105 amp alt installed on the 1.9TD, but I'm thinking that a clutched pulley would be better.  
Suzuki Diesel / Found a diesel
I found a spare diesel today  ;D. Yep, something else to wrench on.

  1995 Golf with 1.9TD.
  The good; only 200,000 kms. No diesel leaks. Little blowby pressure felt from the valve cover cap hole when running.
  It has really cool wheels  ::).

  The bad; been sitting for 4 years, last started up 6 months ago.
Ran rough for the 1st 10 mins, then smoothed out. Runs better / smoother at 2000 rpm than at idle. Will not run at all with the cold start lever pushed in, only when fully pulled out.
Mice living inside the car, so it really stinks from the crap and [censored].
Wet inside, from leaks? dunno, but there is a small lake on the floor. Owner says the inner fenders / dash / vents get plugged with fir needles, causing water to flow over the "lip".
The back hatch won't open [ dang those electric locks ] and the factory anti theft horn kept going off....... I'm going to figure out how to disable that noise-maker for certain.

Anyway, my plan is to run a can of diesel purge through it and set the pump timing. I have no idea when the timing belt was last changed. The crank pulley runs true with no wobble.

  Any other ideas as to why it only runs with the cold start pulled out?
Suzuki Diesel / Block Heater
With the cold stretch that we've been having.......well it ain't really that cold compared to the rest of the country........been thinking of adding a block heater for these -5 deg mornings. I think the frost plugs are 36.5mm in the aaz. Can someone suggest a good quality block heater to install, one that will last and seal well? Katz brand? Some other? 


Suzuki Diesel / Kaboom!
If a moderately tuned aaz  [ Giles pump and injectors,  K14, 20 psi peak ] puts a con rod through the the crank now bent / toast? Dunno the rpm's when it let go. 

I have a line on this engine, but wonder if that crank is done or not? The head / valves *should* be ok, right? Need to know what parts are likely to be usable and which are not. 

Suzuki Diesel / Recognize this intercooler?
This time of the year I get to thinking and planning future zuk projects.  [idea]

  Adding an intercooler to the aaz is but one of them. Yes, I realize in my case of mild pump mods, having an intercooler isn't really necessary, but, if in the interest of lower egt's when I decide to up the fuel and boost, then it would be nice to have.

  I picked this intercooler up at the local auto wreckers today. The guy said he had it for a few years, and thot it was from a Saab, but he wasn't positive.

  It would be nice to know what the donor vehicle, if you recognize it and know, please chime in. I can't find any pics on the net that match it.

  For those of you that installed the Audi A4 intercooler under the hood, with hole in hood and hood scoop, did you have to cut away the underhood X support?

Suzuki Diesel / TDI vs 1.6NA
Looking for some info on both of these engines please.........I have an opportunity to buy a "spare" diesel for the zuk in the event that I need another.... ::)  ???

First the vw 1.6 NA. 
  Pros; Its a single wire engine, easy to install, simple as far as diesels go. Maybe get a little more power out of it with simple pump mods? 
  Cons;'s a non-turbo, and about the same power as the zuk 1.3L. I have read however, that the 1.6 NA bottom end torque is still better than the 1.3 for off road use. I know a few have been swapped into zuks, and Cygnus1 has one in his zuk now. So for those running a 1.6 NA, is it "worth the effort"? Would you do the swap again? 
  My TT has some extra weight on it, home-fabbed bumpers, sliders, panhard bar, anti wrap bar, 33's, etc, and I wonder if the 1.6 NA has the muscle to move it? The ACME parts I have will work with it too. 

Second, the TDI. Looking at a 2000 TDI from a Golf. Not sure what the engine code is.........ALH [ not sure ]? This 2000 Golf was hit in the front drivers side, so the trans and engine pushed forward some. It cannot be started as is, in the car. 
  Pros; 1.9 turbo, more power than I need. Newer engine, easier to find parts for at the wreckers. 
  Cons; It's a TDI. Not a simple swap into the zuk. Dunno if the 1.9TD ACME kit I have will work or not. Not sure if there are height / hood / fitment issues in the samurai or not. 
If I were to go with a TDI, it would be converted to a mechanical pump. I think Giles can do the pump build for this swap, have zero idea on the cost convert it to a mechanical however. I know Diesel Zuk has done this swap with a 2.8 pump from Scotland....but from what car I dunno. 
Considering the TDI. Once it is pulled from the car, how does one get it running with the electric pump still on it? I would want to hear it run before buying it. 

 Thanks for your thoughts. 
Suzuki Diesel / Non-electronic TDI
This guy has mated a vw TDI engine with a Cummins 4B injection pump. 
 It runs....... what do you all think?
Pix and Vids / Japanese Wheeling
Not sure what they are sayin' ........but having fun with a nice tin top none the less [approve]
Samurai Tech / Samurai trans cross member
  Samurai trans cross member.........not the "main" one that has the trans tail shaft mount on it, the other one, closer towards the engine.......made from ?1" round tube? or so. Can't find a pic of it on google to show you. 

  What does it do? Does it actually bolt to the bottom of the trans?.......or just span the body and sit under the trans without touching it? 

  Been so long since I've stripped the TT down to a bare tub, I've miss placed it and no-can-find, if i ever had it.  How important is this part? I can always fab up a bigger stronger part if it's needed.

Thanks guys. 
Samurai Tech / Sipe your tires
Anyone sipe their tires? 
 I will be, since one cannot buy 33" x 15" dedicated snow tires. You'd *think* someone would make them as driving with dedicated snow tires is becoming the law in more and more places. 

 A good site on siping;
General Chit Chat / Super-duper zuk!
Sweet ride!
 Me thinks I need to build one of these  [lol]

Samurai Tech / Towing with a Samurai?
So, my understanding is up to 1000 lbs, right? 

Am tossing the idea around about making a "teardrop" type off road trailer to tow behind the zuk. Seems most of them weigh in around 1000 to 1350 lbs.....dry weight. I can prolly make one lighter than that if I keep to a 5' x 8' platform. 

What would the "weak link" be on a samurai as far as towing goes? 
Torque? Braking? The tail wagging the dog? 

Mine has a vw diesel and disc brakes on all fours, so that may help some. 
Where I live on the west coast, you're either going up a hill [ or mountain ] or down.....rarely flat for long. 
Suzuki Diesel / Oil Catch Can
Anyone make / fab one of these? 

 I gotta make one for my other car, was thinking of putting it on the diesel later on. 
Samurai Tech / 410 frame vs 413 frame
Any differences guys? 
 If so, what? 

 I can get a "spare" SJ410 frame, but will only consider it if it's compatible with my SJ413 tin top everything else. 
Pix and Vids / Silly Buggers
A few vids of the fellas that wheel in my neck of the woods, rocky, rooty, wet pacific northwest. 
 No, it's not me, nor will I be doing this kind of wheeling!.......just some of the local guys pushing their limits on private land.
Suzuki Diesel / I can get a 1.6 diesel cheap......
I can get a 1982 1.6 NA diesel engine cheaply. Has approx. 211k kms on it.

  Is there anything I can use from it on a turbo 1.6, or aaz?

Valuable or just cast metal taking up shop space??