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General Chit Chat / Wow Lots of spam in the general chat
For Sale / New 2.0 Front Catalytic Converter $50+shipping
Never used. Bought for my project but can't use it. Never even mounted it. It does have a small scratch in the heat shield but otherwise perfect. It's an Eastern Cat.
Samurai Tech / Body lift opinions
In my quest for hood clearance on the 2.0 project, there are 2 options. 1. cut a hole in the hood and add a scoop to cover up the hole while maintaining clearance. 2. 1" body lift. According to my measurement, 1" is enough. The down sides to the scoop are obvious. It's not supposed to be there, it won't flow with the body lines and looks a little racerboyish. 

From those who have performed a body lift, what are the downsides? Will the shifters feel that much lower? What other issues will it cause? I'm not a big fan of body to bumper gaps, but there are already gaps. 1" won't make that much difference. 
General Chit Chat / Product Review section
Am I going crazy or is the review section missing?
How-To / Samurai 2.0 swap
I bought a motor from an Aerio that I am swapping into my OME lifted Samurai. This is going to be a slow series of write-ups. I'll do a small section every time I get new parts or do some work to get a portion done. It doesn't seem like it will be as straight forward as the last swap I did. Today's segment deals with swapping the exhaust manifold and the coolant pipe.

I pulled the manifold off of a Vitara I found in the local pick a part. This is a pretty straight forward swap. Unbolt one. Bolt on the other one. Mainly this is just to show the difference in how they sit on the motor and why you have to swap them. The Aerio manifold points straight down to where the motor mount will be. The Vitara manifold angles towards the rear of the vehicle and clears the motor mount.

Aerio Manifold on the left. Vitara Manifold on the right.

This manifold is not that hard to find, you just need a little info first. For Suzuki Vitaras, 1999-2000 model years, it was only offered on the California models. From 2001 and on, it is the only manifold offered or at least that's what I've found. If it's a 2001 or newer Vitara, it has this manifold. That's how I found one here in Ga. There are a bunch of them out there, not only on Cali models. I've seen a few 2.0 Trackers here too with the same manifold. There is no way they can only be on Cali models like I've read in some places. 
Pix and Vids / Just picked up a new camera
Taking random shots of stuff just to see what I can make it do. 
This is a simple but useful project for those looking for cheap storage for you Samurai. I picked up 3 ammo cans from a yard sale last year for $5 each. These are the real metal ones and so far, rust has not been an issue. 
For the center console, I picked up this cupholder from Amazon. The same one came screwed to the floor in between the seats of another Samurai that I had. I liked how it worked.

Then I took the ammo can and painted it with metallic gray rustoleum hammered paint to try and match the dash color. I cut the handle off the top of the can and used a grinder to grind off the tabs. Then I drilled 2 holes on top of the can to attach the bolts to hold it down. I used the right stuff to waterproof the holes. I then used some small L brackets I had to bolt it down. I used one of the existing bolts that hold the parking brake down for the front L bracket and then drilled another hole in the floor for the rear bracket. I keep my little air compressor, 9mm and long 3/8" extension in there. 
Samurai Tech / 2.0 comng soon.
Looks like I'll be installing my 2.0 over the next few months as funds become available for parts. I haven't been able to find a really detailed write up so I'm probably going to do one for everyone's benefit. Got a good deal on a 72k mile motor. Just need all the bits to install it now.
Samurai Tech / Fan length measurement
Can anyone measure the length of a stock samurai fan? I need from the base of where it bolts to the pulley out to the face of the outside edge of the clutch. In other words, how far does it stick out from the pulley. or can you just send me one to borrow. :)
Pittsburgh Automotive 92924 Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder
95% of the time, I am alone when I work on my stuff. The Samurai needed a wheel cylinder rebuild due to leaking so I went ahead and got this tool to try bleeding brakes alone. It works well and I got a firm pedal in about 5 minutes. What you do is fill the bottle with fresh fluid, put on one of the adapter thingies so that the bottle stays upright in the reservoir(this keeps a constant but not overflowing amount in the master cylinder), set the air compressor between 90-100 psi, hook up the suction bottle to the compressor, attach the suction hose end to the bleeder screw, crack the bleeder screw open and squeeze the handle and hold it. It sucks the fluid out without pumping. The clear tube allows for viewing air pockets in the fluid. It will suck in a little air from outside the system but that air does not get in the brake lines. For me, it took about 10 seconds or so for each line to come out with no air. I bled the entire system in about 5 minutes by myself.

No hand pumping required.
No tired legs or irritated buddy working the pedal while you holler at them.
No mess made because of the catch can.
No wondering if the reservoir stays full. Whatever fluid you pull out, the feeder bottle puts back in.
Works fast and easy.
Bleeder screw fitting a little loose allowing air bubbles in the suction line. Air does not get into the brake line, it just makes it harder to tell when all the air is out of the brake lines.
Overall I'd say this is a great addition to the arsenal of tools. I hate bleeding brakes but this makes it tolerable.
Welding and Fabrication / Miller 30a spool gun
What is this, what is it worth and do you want to buy it? lol
Pix and Vids / Shiny original paint
Anyone else have a zuk with shiny factory paint?  Had to shine it up today. It's been a year or so since the last time. 
How-To / Adding Power steering
Good day all,
I thought I'd share my experiences installing power steering. I did a bunch of research before doing this and never really found any clear instructions or issues to know about prior to installing so here were mine. 
1. I have a 1.3 DOHC engine. None of the kits say they will work with this engine and they won't without some fiddling. The problem is the cylinder head is wide and the pump mount adapter bracket won't bolt down flat to the block. All I did was weld in some spacers and use longer bolts to attach it to the block. The Petroworks kit and Lowrange Offroad kit attach to the head as well as the block. The Calmini and Trail Tough kits only attach to the block. I chose the Trail Tough kit plain and simply due to price since I already had the wedge and Calmini wouldn't just sell me the pump bracket adaptor. Calmini also recommends the use of a specialized pitman arm though I'm not sure why. The stock drag link fit perfectly into the Sidekick pitman arm. Another plus to the TT/Calmini style pump mount adapter bracket is it utilizes the factory pump bracket instead of replacing it. It's going to be possible and easier for me to install A/C now since the factory P/S and A/C brackets mount to one another. That will be a future write up.
2. I used the Petroworks wedge and my steering box just barely touches my ZOR Subspeed front bumper. Never heard of this happening but all I had to do was grind out a little spot on the bumper to clear it. No problem but better to know before trying to mount that box up...
3. For some reason my belt kept slipping off the pulley by 2 ribs. I'm sure this has something to do with the difference in the DOHC harmonic balancer as opposed to the 1.6 ones. I had to shim out my P/S pump pulley about an 1/8th of an inch to keep it on the pulley right. I'm sure if you have a 8v or a 1.6 16v this won't be a problem.
4. I already had the A/C stuff in place prior to this install. I had to loosen the condensor and radiator bolts to get the tracker steering box in. When I went to attach it all back like it was, the driver side condensor bracket hits the adjuster bolt on the steering box. Another easy fix. Just trimmed off some of the bracket and it goes right back on now. Easier to do before the box goes in though. 
5. I got the PW wedge in hopes of putting my factory rag joint back on to eliminate some vibration. When I went to put it back on, the steering shaft was too long so I ended up sticking with my PW rag joint eliminator that I've been using for years. The vibration was gone anyway. I'm guessing this has to do with the new steering box also. It says in the instructions that you have shorten your stock steering shaft to use the rag joint eliminator that came with the kit. I didn't want to do that since I already had one that would work.
So far I've driven about a tankful of gas through it with the power steering on. I love it. It makes backing my boat into the water a lot easier and the wife doesn't have to have guns like mine to turn it anymore. No noticeable loss in engine power. It did fix a wobble I used to get in the steering at about 60MPH which I guess was caused by a worn out or incorrectly adjusted Samurai steering box. 
I'm sure all of the vendor kits are great and I'm not knocking any of them. I chose what I did to minimize the modifications I'd have to make to fit my application. 

If you are looking to add power steering, I'd say go for it. I'd give it about a 6/10 difficulty on the install. It takes a bit of time but it's not terribly difficult. 

I have searched and searched but haven't found anything definitive on this. I have a 97 2wd convertible auto trans. It's a 16v motor. What trans does it have? I've seen both 3 and 4 speeds listed all over the web for this year.
General Chit Chat / Pyle 3.5" indoor outdoor speakers
Looking to do something a little different and cheap to the stereo of my Samurai and came across these. I think I paid $30 for the pair.
They actually sound really good to me.
Come with mounts
Small size for many locations.
Weather tight enclosure
2 of the wing nut inserts just spin when trying to remove them.

General Chit Chat / Mugger cup holders
Got a few of these off Amazon and attached them to the doors as out of the way as they can get. I really like the placement of the driver side up near the steering wheel. I had a 94 MX6 that had a cupholder in that location and it made me wonder why all cars don't have them there. Of course that car also had a vent underneath the steering column that you could aim at your er ummm lap on a hot day with the A/C on. :D 

Folds up out of the way when not in use.
3 colors to choose from.
Sturdy design and what seems like good quality plastic
Holds some pretty big cups
Made in the USA

A tad expensive for a cupholder.
The forked arms that hold the upper portion of the cup should be spring loaded somehow to keep tension. I can see stuff spilling out because of this even though it hasn't happened yet.

General Chit Chat / What went wrong
Swift GTi  exhaust valve. 

Clue # 1 It wasn't a timing belt failure.

General Chit Chat / I don't think there is a cure...
Just a little story about how I got my Samurai.

I bought a 1996 Escort for my first car in 1998. All my buddies had souped up Civics, Integras and the odd Mitsubishi. I was the odd ball I guess. I redid the interior, added a header and full exhaust, cold air intake, put a body kit on it, speakers, wheels and lowering springs, all standard stuff back then much like lifted smoke spewing diesel trucks are now. It was a total cop magnet. I loved this car. I obsessed over it. It was always spotlessly clean. I knew where every pot hole in a 50 mile radius was as to not bend my precious wheels. I knew where the cop's "waiting spots" where to catch speeders since I had been pulled over so many times back then. This was it. In 2005 I was out on a date (the 2nd one with this particular girl) and on the way back home to drop her off, an armadillo wondered out in the road in front of me and BAM. I was kind of freaking out a little about what damage was done because I knew the car was not high enough to clear an armadillo.  I knew it had smashed my fancy fiberglass front bumper. This poor girl who I gather was at least a little into me for us to make it to a 2nd date had to put up with me saying all kinds of stuff and worrying wayyyyy to much about my precious car. We pulled into a gas station so I could check it out and it wasn't as bad as I imagined. It was cracked a little and the screen was missing. I never liked the blue stuff anyway so fine. Dropped the girl off, no goodnight kiss. No 3rd date. I think she knew I loved my car more than I would ever love her. lol On my way home I couldn't help but think wow, my car was defeated by a foot tall armored possum? How lame is that? What kind of vehicle would not be thwarted by said small forest creatures? That got me to thinking about a 2nd vehicle. one I didn't really care if it got smashed up or not.

I had been wanting a Samurai since I was in high school in the late 90's so I started looking for one. I bought my current Samurai in January 2006 off Ebay from a fellow up in Mt. Airy NC for $1800. 14 hours after I left the house, I got it home. It was a neglected but still in good working order 1988 base model. No clock. No ac. No rear seat. No tach. Seats ripped up. Door panels flapping in the wind. The factory top was in horrible shape but it was all there. Tobacco wads all over the carpet. The PO had screwed the top into the body instead of replacing the snaps.  ::) The hood was(and still is) dented from driving without it latched.  It did have the factory brush guard. It was PERFECT!  ;D I drove it around for a few days finding little flaws here and there, but what wasn't a flaw was how it felt to drive it. I can't really explain it other than it's 100% mechanical. There is no artificial-ness to it. You feel everything working. The tires in the steering wheel, the cable and spring in the throttle, the springs in the clutch, the brake pads through the brake pedal. I loved it. There has never been another vehicle I've owned with this kind of feeling. After a while, I hardly ever wanted to drive my beloved Escort anymore. By April 2006 I sold my Escort to my neighbor and friend who promptly crashed it into a tree. I spent 8 years of my life protecting that car and it took a month for it to get killed in the hands of a stranger.  :(

Fast forward to 2015 and I still have the Samurai. It's had many modifications done to it, but nothing has changed the way it feels to drive. I still love it and look forward to driving it. I make up excuses to get behind the wheel. I prefer it over my 2012 Focus Titanium with all it's bells and whistles. The car feels highly artificial. The Samurai has an undeniable charm.

I have the disease. I call it Samuritis.
How-To / Another seat thread Isuzu Rodeo seats
Yet another seat mod thread. These came out of a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo. I got them cheap...
These are easy to put in. Seriously all 4 bolt holes nearly line up perfectly for each seat. You need only to enlarge the holes a little bit. No cutting, no welding.
Step 1. Remove old seats and unbolt the old seats from the sliders.
Step 2. Drill out the stock bottom seat bolt holes on the sliders using a 11/32 or similar sized drill bit.
Step 3 Get or make 4 1.5 inch spacers and 4 bolts that are 1.5 inches longer than the ones out of the Rodeo seats.
Step 4 Mount the sliders to the seats using the spacers and longer bolts on the inside slider. (the ones closest to the seat belt buckle.
Step 5 Bolt them down to the floor.

Time taken. Maybe 2 hours including vacuuming up all the metal shaving from the drill.