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Wanted / WTB Small Parts
I'm in search of the front grill SUZUKI logo, the rear wheel hub covers, and 2 OEM dome lights for the Sammy...I have some neat ideas for a dome light for the rear door on my TT.

I know these parts are available new but they cost an arm and a leg.

Samurai Tech / Fuel Pump sucking air
Hey yall,

16v with e2000 fuel pump near the tank.

I've got double hose clamps on all lines, have replaced most of the lines just to be certain of no leaks, but I'm still getting air in the fuel pump. It seems to happen mostly when the tank is below half full or if I'm driving around twisty mountain roads.

I can tell the difference in sound between solid gas in the fuel pump and some air bubbles. It certainly runs and runs fine even with a little air in the pump but it's both unhealthy and not ideal for fuel pressure.

It will continue to have air in it until I shut the Sammy down for about 2 minutes, then start it up again.

Where is this air coming from and why is the fuel pump unable to clear it?

Samurai Tech / Samurai AC Thermal Expansion Valve
Hey folks,

I got my A/C all done. It's pretty neato...except it doesn't really blow cold at all. Everything besides the expansion valve is new, and that's also what my A/C buddy told me was most likely the cause.

Looking around on the internet, I see a lot of Thermal Expansion Valves, but they look very generic. Do I need a Suzuki OEM one?

Also where is it exactly? I know it's in the evap but I didn't see if when I had it all out and apart.

Also random thought -- it blows pretty cold at idle, but not at highway speed.

Samurai Tech / What the HECK is this noise?
At first I thought it was the timing belt slightly scraping the timing cover, but I realized its gotten much louder the past few days.

Best way I can think of to describe it is it sounds like a noisy bicycle pump...

 ??? :( :( :(

Wanted / Heavy Duty Shackles
Does anyone make stock height/no lift HD shackles? I think these are gorgeous but I'm not looking for any lift.
Samurai Tech / Dreaded steering shaft play
Hey all,

I did a 16v swap the other day and I was going to do both PS and AC but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna skip PS for now, I only run 29s and hardly do anything that needs PS.

However, the bushing at the bottom of the upper steering shaft, where it comes out of the firewall, has some play.

I've read various threads about @Surly‍ who used to make rebuilt shafts, but he appears to be long gone... :(

Sounds like he would replace the bushing with a sealed bearing...I wanted to know if anyone knew the dimensions of this bearing, as I'm losing my mind with the slight clunk I have over bumps

BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Picture viewing
When I click a picture in a thread, it opens twice.

It opens in a slideshow type viewing, which is on auto-play and only gives a few seconds before it moves to the next picture in the thread.

I can exit out of the slideshow view, and it shows the pic I wanted to see underneath, but then when I'm done viewing that photo and exit out, it brings me back to the top of the page (top of the thread)

Gets really annoying after a few it just me?
Wanted / WTB Stock Samurai front bumper
I know everyone hates the stock front bumper but I have ideas in my head to make it tough....

If anyone has a decent looking front bumper and ideally the end caps too, I'd like to have it!
Samurai Tech / 16v Samurai swap using Trail Tough Kit
Hey Zu folks,

This is going to be sort of a placeholder for my build log as I go through the process of how I swap 16v's into Samurais.

This will be my second go-around and I've seen many "write ups" before but never one that I thought was complete enough to be considered a guide, so please follow me as I take on this excellent project!

*This is in no way considered the definitive way to install a 16v into a Samurai, please use at your own risk*

Hello friends,

I just got a '95 16v.

I'm sending the harness to TT pretty soon to have done up, as well as get all the adapter goodies.

I'm purchasing an A/C from lxer, and I was gifted a PS kit as part of the 16v purchase.

All over the web there's bits and pieces of info out there about doing both on a swap, but no real clear write-ups and info about it. Can anyone shed some light on what all needs to be done to make this a success?

From what I gather, the PS bracket needs to be modded to make the PS really hug the block, and then the A/C should fit in there, but I'm unclear of what mods need to be done outside of that.


Wanted / WTB Air Conditioning
Hey all,

New to Zuwharrie as a poster, but have been lurking for yeeeeaarrss.

I've got 2 Sammys, one 87 soft top, 16v with SPOA and 31s. My second is new to me, 88.5 TT that I'm going to install a 16v into as soon as I can get an A/C to go with it.

I've never worked much with A/C before, but it sounds like I need to have pretty much a compete Sammy A/C as well as a Trackick A/C to make it work in the Sammy with a 16v. I was gifted an A/C out of a Sidekick so I'm just in need of the Sammy parts.