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Samurai Tech / Question on a spring swap
I have done the CJ/RUF swap but you know how it is you are always looking to do something else.  If you swap YJ's in the front you need missing links or you need to stretch the frame for them to fit. I was snooping around the innerwebs and I found some Jeep DJ springs.  They fit a mail jeep and they are 2.5" wide and roughly 43" long.  So these are 3.25" longer than the rears but 3.25" shorter than YJ's.  I measured from my shackle to the back hole in the relocation bracket and I have 42", so I went to the junkyard and wallah!  A field full of DJ's.

Now for the question, what shackles do you use that will fit the 2" frame and the 2.5" spring?

Samurai Tech / Check torque after rebuild?
I've got around 200 miles on my rebuilt 1.3 bored .020 over with flat tops and I'm curious about head bolt torque.  Should I pull the valve cover and be sure everything is still correct?

Samurai Tech / Rear Traction
My little Sami is a daily driver/hunting rig.  A lot of the stuff I get into off road isn't bad but some of it is, when you need extra traction you really need it. 

I had a locker in the back that acted like it was bipolar........ i'm not here......BANG, HAHAH! SCARED YOU!....I'm not here....POW... ALMOST KILLED YOU CHANGING LANES, HAHAHA......

I pulled it apart and the spring were toast but I was leery of them after that.  I thought about a mini spool but being on the street I didn't know how tires would wear.  I know an ARB is probably the smartest way to go but I'm not putting as much in the rear axle as I have in the vehicle. 

Tires are 215/75r15 and I will probably go to 235's when these die.

So, try another locker?  What brand?

Mini spool?

Just floor it?

I found a couple of kicks at the local junk yard and I was curious how I could find out the gear ratio by Vin #'s?  They both appear to be 3 speed autos

Samurai Tech / 5th gear swap, worth doing?
A guy has a 1990 transmission with a cracked case (gears are good) he wants to sell for $30.  I would like some more pull in 5th gear for my 87 sami, would it be worth it to buy the trans and swap 5th gears?

Samurai Tech / Fuel Pump Push Rod
When I went to install my fuel pump on my new 1.3 engine this evening I noticed my fuel push rod is gone.  Anyone know where a replacement can be had?  I found this number:  15315-82000  but I can't find any place that has one.

Samurai Tech / Head Gasket Question
While rebuilding my 1.3 we were going through the FSM and it said to install the head gasket with the word TOP up, my gasket has no word on it.  It looks like it is this gasket:

Which side goes up, the white side or the black side?