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General Chit Chat / Puerto Rican Sami meet.
My neighbor is also a sami nut, so naturauly we get along great.  I was invited to go down to PR this summer, but I had too much other stuff lined up already.   ANYWAYS He just sent me pictures of the suzuki meet down there.  

  OVER 2000 SAMURAIS IN ONE PLACE  [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif]

Pix and Vids / Wheeling spot. In Jersey?!?!
What do you get when a Confederate needs to go see his Yankee pals and make a long azz parts run?.  ROADTRIP!!!

First things first.  Little Subaru wheel bearings are on the way out the door. So I rebuild the ones on the dodge and take it. ;D

I left work at 1. My grandmother was in an accident so my plans got delayed.   I went and checked up on here in the er. (She turned out fine).

Hit DC and Baltimore at 5 on a Friday.  Driving a manual with a built clutch. I swear my left leg looked like one of Popeye's arms, and I could probably kick a house pet into orbit Added 3hours on there.

Stopped by to see dr. Z. Fab.  Nice shop. Hopefully he will be coming out with some new products soon  [thumbsup] [black_s]

Finally got to Jersey to stay with @justzukit because @ecoast wouldn't answer  [stickpoke] [sadwave]

Samurai Tech / Last minute beater build.
Starting from lunch today I will have 10 days to get this thing done before I leave for Zuwharrie. So far.  I got it into the shop area. Removed everything from the suspension. And installed Dr.zs yj kit.  

Tomorrow is finish up the 1.3 assembly and hopefully get the front axle finished. 
For Sale / Spring cleanup free Zuwharrie delivery
I'm about 1/4 though sorting all of my junk.

Mods.  I might not have prices yet but you know Im working on that.

Most all parts came off running and totaled vehicles bear with me I haven't seen most of these parts in 2 years.

Tracker driveshafts any combo. $35
Tracker parts trans. Great bearings and synchros. $75
Alternatos $10
Starters $10
215 mud tires and perfect tracker rims. ZU special. $200 no miles. Just used for transport.

Any kind of tracker or Sami rim $10 I'll post up better pics later.
Sami hood latch cable $10
1.3 ECM $5. 1.6 8v ECM $20 1.8 ECM $40

Injectors pm me asking for different motors.
1.8 or 2.0 coil packs $50 a set.

Samurai Tech / Power steering question.
Does anyone know what the threads are on the high pressure input threads are.  I need to order an fittings 
Samurai Tech / The ultimate daily driver samurai.
If you guys don't like my page on Facebook, go check us out at Flip Flop Fabrication.  Gonna be posting up on my page and here in case you miss something.

Started with a b-e-a-utiful rust free Samurai. All original with a cool weber carb, exhaust, and header. We started to tear down!!!

Got that little old 1.3 out of the way to make room for the 2.0 going in.   [thumbsup]

Cleaned up the used motor and I've got to do some oil gaskets and await a clutch before we drop this bad boy in. 
General Chit Chat / It's raining snakes
Walked into the shop today.   Sat down and thought I heard it raining.  Looked up and there still is a 1' rattle snake sliding around on my clear plastic ceiling.  

I can confirm I was not planning on dumping a load into my pants, but I do believe that the time has come for a change of underwear.

What should I do with it?
Pix and Vids / Zu 2016 carnage pics
What did everyone break this weekend?
We are up to...

1 gas tank
One 33.
One rear axle shaft.

General Chit Chat / I don't know what to bring?!?!?
Seeing how we are always in a time crunch this year I'm only bringing one rig.  So I'm asking you guys what I should bring to wheel at zuwharrie?
My samurai. Needsbattery, electrical attention, 
Galens ftoy. Needs littlest.
The beater 4 door 01 tracker Nick named peppy le pue after I had to spray paint the hood. Needs frame weld ins and a conduwit cage.
Beater samurai.  Needs front shafts and motor.
Barbie jeep.   Will need 5hp briggs and straton with a 400 shot of nitrous. 
General Chit Chat / Uwharrie Stables offroad course.
Just happened to be watching some videos on youtube, when i thought some place looked familiar,  turned out to be the stables ATV track.  

Pix and Vids / Gore VA damage
HP Toyota E-locker
Og Longfield,
A wasted weekend finding the parts to fix it.  [worried]

Pix and Vids / October weekend at wills
Just gonna dump some photos I have been neglecting. 
Pix and Vids / Flip Flop Shop
Just so I don't have anyone yelling that I'm not putting enough buggy content in that build...

I'm just starting a thread on what we have done to the shop. 
First we started with a storage trailer, then emptied 4 bays of a local storage building. That was covered in 1" of dirt.
General Tech / New (to me) Tow Pig
Well I finally broke down in the samurai for the last time. An hour a way from home and I blew an alternator and something went haywire in the electrical system. So Ive had enough long distance samurai drive, and I found a smoking deal on a dually.  [thumbsup]

96 cummins with a 5speed!!!
It was really cheap so I figure I can fix it and paint it for less than most trucks cost. Spent all day cleaning and fixing little stuff. Like the radio would stay on, and the trailer wiring. But anyways, I thought I'd post something of a build thread on it. Seeing how I didn't do any for the beater.  [black_s]

Also like to point out that this weighed more that 2 fully loaded samis full of tools and parts along with a bed full of tires.
Zuwharrie Info / 2015 zu dates
So is it still gonna be the third weekend in April, gotta put in time at work.  [thumbsup]
Has anyone done this wiring harness themselves?

Ive gotten rid of all the ac stuff and lights, but I dont know what else to trim down seeing how im using a 3 speed.
General Chit Chat / The Ack Show!!!
Its ack,

Its a show,

Its someone who looks and acts like Natalie Tran.   :P

Video here
Samurai Tech / Body lift or 2 inch soft ride springs.
I am at the point where I AM going to 33's so I just picked up the 4;30s and need to decide on what to do to clear them.

I love how soft my wore out broke in 5 packs are, because they don't wrap at all and ride really smooth

BUT, in doing so I have a turbo setup off Samtracks Tracker, which needs either the motor relocated, or a body lift to clear the turbo correctly with no cutting to the hood, witch may be done with going back to stock mounts,  I Loathe the day I bought the Petroworks mounts.  

So it comes down to should I relocate the motor and springs, or body lift and keep on trucking.
General Chit Chat / The awesome power of a 1.3!!!
Well when you turbo it and make 350 hp