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General Chit Chat / Taxi is a little cleaner
Finally got my rat nest of wires and relays that was stuffed under the dash organized 
General Chit Chat / WOOP WOOP!! What day is it??
Most of you would probably think about the humpday geico camel commercial.    But you would be wrong.     Today is the day I get my new tires.   Haha. 
Pix and Vids / Sammy and Suzi to the rescue
I'm glad nobody was hurt, but there's no better feeling than recovering a jeep with a samurai.    Hehe.  
Pix and Vids / 2013 Uwharrie opening weekend
Just a couple pics that I got from yesterday
General Chit Chat / 90Sammyon33s
Happy birfday my brotha!!!!!

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Samurai Tech / Land rover axles???
I know rover axles are hard to find wheels for because of such the big pattern.  But I've thought about trying to find rover axles and putting them under my Suzi.  They are offset just like the samurai and I know they are stronger than stock axles. Just wondering if anyone has done this with yj springs.  I've seen where someone done it with coil springs but I'm not going that route yet because I just got my yj swap. 

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Samurai Tech / Recommended motor oil?
Fresh rebuilt motor.  What do y'all suggest to run in it?   I want to run royal purple. But I don't like the idea that if I absolutely need a quart of oil, I have to find an auto zone or parts store   Because I've never seen it in just a regular gas station.

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General Chit Chat / Better late than never
Well, Santa finally made it to my house with some goodies. 

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I was driving my Zuk today and it was running fine, then all of a sudden I noticed it start smoking. Popped the hood and seen it was smoking from the filter I have near the Pcv valve (blow-by). It idles fine and turns up soso without a load. But taking off I have to feather the clutch because its skipping and will stall. The motor is real jumpy at idle. Any ideas on this. I'm thinking maybe timing jumped. I have net pulled the timing cover off yet to see if its jumped a tooth.

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General Chit Chat / Which tires do you prefer?
Cooper stt, Goodyear mt/r, or BFG km2? Looking to get tires sometime in the near future, narrowed it down to these, but any suggestions.

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General Chit Chat / ROLL TIDE
Anyone watching this game? I think Richards scared of LSU! HAHA just kidding.

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General Chit Chat / Samurai on velocity
Showing how to swap out an engine on a Samurai. It's on now on velocity channel. The show is car fix. I just seen it so I'm going to check it out!

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Welding and Fabrication / Patched a few holes
So my Sammy tub came from South Carolina, and the driver side has already been fiberglass patched by po. Well the passenger side had a few holes and I decided to patch it up today. Please disregard the buggered up welds. It's kinda hard to weld rust, lol

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General Chit Chat / Green sammy with tinted windows.
I was on my way to myrtle Beach earlier, and I passed a dark green sammy with blacked out front windows. It was a good looking zuk. I didn't know if it was anyone on here? From what I seen it was pretty stock, possibly even spring under. I seen it on highway 74. I can't remember where about it was at.

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General Chit Chat / Outer banks bound
Oh the way to Nags Head for a wedding, the wedding is at 5 today but after that, it's smooth sailing, what is there to do out there. Maybe take the ol lady out for some food and drinks. I've never been out there before so I don't know what's all around.

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General Chit Chat / Rocky Road BombNob
Has anyone ever used these? I was thinking that it would be pretty cool and usefull if you could somehow put the lever on the grenade to some use and make it a throttle. like the bike cable mod. What do yall think? Should I patend it? lol

Its the last item on the page
Pix and Vids / a few pics of my suzi's progress
It's been a little over a year and she's came along pretty good so far!!
Samurai Tech / samurai S axle truss
My girlfriend bought me 2 samurai s trusses for my birthday. I put one on the top of my front axle and the other is still here in the box brand new. I thought about putting it on the bottom of my front axle, but I don't want to lose ground clearence. I'v looked at putting it on my rear axle, but then ill have to move my ebrake cable mount and have to re do my brake lines. So I am undecided. I will bring it to the zu event if anybody want to buy it. The only reason I didnt put this in the FOR SALE section is because I was wanting to know if anyone put it ont the bottom of the front or on the rear and how well it works. Like I said I will bring it to the zu if anyone in interested in it, she said she would take 40 for it. But I'm looking for feedback first before i decide to sale.
General Chit Chat / Wet seat. Haha
No big deal, but somehow I didn't close my passenger door yesterday and it rained like crazy last night. Haha owell, atleast its the passenger seat. Lol

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Samurai Tech / Saginaw pump
Is anybody running the urban rock crawler Saginaw pump kit with track/kick gear box?

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