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'08 F450 Fummins build. I bought this as a project from a guy who purchased the Diesel Conversion Specialists kit ($4700) and had the '97 12v 130k mile motor built at a shop in Culpepper, VA. The guy set it in the engine bay and started bolting it together then realized it was more work than he could handle. After several months of ordering parts, tracking down the many missing kit parts, modding the vehicle, repairing and replacing items that should not have been bad, figuring out how to set timing without the proper expensive tools, and quite a few other headaches she's on the road. It does use the Ford 5R110 auto transmission and has a SCTX4 programmer with a custom tune to control shifting. 
The F450 is overbuilt for what I need with 150hp injectors, O-ringed head, ARP head studs, Fire ringed, 4000# gov springs, 60# valve springs, #0 fuel plate, 05 HE351 turbo, 4" down pipe with complete 4" exhaust, & I am sure I have forgot something. It is overbuilt for what I need and I know I will need to change a few things and do some tuning. I finally drove it for the first time yesterday and what a plush comfy ride with a ton of power to spare. On the test drive I didn't notice he was there and accidentally smoked out a jogger. Anyway, she's definitely a beast! I just wanted to share to show it CAN be done even if you've taken over someone's headache and that it's really one heck of a great swap! 

No, this is not a For Sale post, but for $40k I would consider it....LOL. 
General Chit Chat / Simon Sinek on the Milennial Problem!
Definitely worth watching! Simon Sinek really brings things about these Milennials into perspective!

Sean (Not a Milennial!) DeVinney
Samurai Tech / 2.0 Liter Sleeper Samurai
I picked up this little stock white 93 Sammy earlier this year with intentions of just keeping it stock. It had been sitting for a while and needed a complete interior and some serious cleaning and cosmetic work as well as decent wheels/tires and a top. It was a bone stock 2wd model and had been used like a golf cart for an older guy to drive around on his property. It ran, but not very well since he never did any maintenance on it. After trying to resurrect the original 1.3 liter I decided to just swap motors instead. I happened to have a 2.0 liter out of a 2000 Suzuki Vitara (same as Chevy Tracker) with only 130k on it so I figured why not just swap it in to make it a clean and fast little stock Sammy. But first I wanted to fix and clean up the exterior.
General Chit Chat / Imported a few HTF Suzuki's ... w/pics
Fresh from the UK.....
It's coming...... Saturday September 10th....  Pure INSANITY!!! Come on out and watch or bring your Zuk's or Tough Trucks and let's RACE!
That's right it's the ZU 2016 CaRnAgE Award and you don't really want to win it ... do you?
Suzuki Original Service Manuals

Moderator plz leave this here for a day b4 u move to "For Sale" thanks!

Suzuki manuals from 1996 (wiring only) through 2007 cars and SUV's. This includes the Sidekick (Tracker), X-90, Swift, Esteem, Forenza, Reno, Verona, Aerio, Aerio SX4, Vitara (Chevy Tracker), Grand Vitara, & XL-7.  Many of these manuals are brand-new still wrapped in plastic or are the original Suzuki dealer hard binders. These are the complete Suzuki FSM's (Field Service Manuals) which are the Suzuki Bibles on each of the these vehicles.  Smaller supplements are only $20 and full-size manuals are $25 each volume and the larger hardback binders are $50 up to $100. The self for twice what I'm asking for online and I am offering them to you guys here first. Shipping will be USPS book rate which is cheap for the weight or overnight or Priority is also available.

First come first serve…Let me know what you guys need.

Sean DeVinney
Ph: (757) SIX 85-6161
General Chit Chat / So you parked in the LOADING ZONE ...
Ok, the other weekend at Home Depot my friend and I went to pickup several sheets of 3/4 MDF & a front door. We parked out in the lot and walked in and noticed a few vehicles in the loading zone on the way in and didn't think much of them. We did all our shopping and after a little over 1/2 hour we came outside and there was a couple guys loading a white pickup and a newer black Jeep Grand Cherokee blocking the other lane which we noticed was still sitting there earlier. I felt this was a bit of a jerk move to park in the loading zone for 1/2 hour while you went shopping so I proceeded to box the guy in with four of the large rolling carts then wheeled our wood and door out to the parking lot to load it all in the truck. After all was loaded I pushed the cart back up to the cart return next to the loading zone and see this guy carrying two bags walking around the Jeep pushing away the carts and looking closely at the bumpers and doors for scratches. At this point one would hope he would have realized his [censored] move and felt guilty. He proceeds to look around to see who was watching him and then put the two bags in the Jeep and drives away. Lesson learned?

Wai till I find someone parked in a Handicap spot!

Sean (h8 A-holes!) DeVinney
General Chit Chat / GONZOOKIN fun!
It was another great time up at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park for the GONZOOKIN 2015 event!
This is me running the 2.3 Liter Beater Sammy fall 2014 at Morgan's Corner Proving Grounds Tough Truck race. It's a really hard course.... watch the video till the end and listen to the commentary~!
General Chit Chat / Monsters on the Beach 2015
Yep, its that time of the year again! Time for Monsters on the Beach and Tough Truck racing action!

Friday May 8th at 7pm

Saturday May 9th and 12 noon & 7 pm

Sunday May 10th Mothers Day 2:00

The Event:

Old threads about it:,109517.msg1113730.html#msg1113730

I will have my 2.3 Liter beater Samurai down there and a few other guys will have Samurai's down there, too:

Discuss ... while I am sitting here fuming!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing the gov't has done so far which was a larger power grab than this is when they passed obummercare!!!!!!!!!!

I was searching around online on Oreilley's site for a few parts and one thing I knew I needed was more power so I thought to myself ... What would give me the power I needed for my Samurai and ...Woohoo!!!  Oreilley's to the rescue!
And now we have Hillary parroting the words of obama who parroted Elizabeth Warren:

Hillary Clinton: Businesses Don't Create Jobs

Hillary Clinton’s October 24 speech supporting Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate, covered standard progressive themes urging a larger state, as well as this attention-grabbing remark:

Don’t let anybody, don’t let anybody  tell you that, ah, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.


Let the backpedaling begin:

(CNN) -- Three days after Hillary Clinton said businesses don't create jobs, she cleaned up the remark, part of a critique of trickle-down economics, explaining she had "shorthanded this point the other day."

Friday at a campaign rally for Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley, the former secretary of state told the crowd, "Don't let anybody tell you that it's corporations and businesses that create jobs," going on to say trickle-down economics "has failed rather spectacularly."

Republicans seized on the sentence, seemingly made for an anti-Hillary Clinton campaign ad. America Rising, the main anti-Clinton super-PAC, is featuring it on the header of its website.

On Monday at a campaign event for New York Rep. Sean Maloney, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, Clinton went for a do-over, saying, "Let me be absolutely clear about what I've been saying for a couple of decades: Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in an America where workers and families are empowered to build from the bottom up and the middle out -- not when we hand out tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash their profits overseas."


No surprises here at all...
More pic's and vid's .....coming....this is only a TEASER!
[font=bold, 'OFL Sorts Mill Goudy TT', Georgia, Times, serif]Ten Percent Is Not Enough

Anthony Bryan, American Renaissance, September 23, 2014

The black/white experiment has failed.[/font][/size][/color]
For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites. The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?
The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization. The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since.
Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball. Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would have been otherwise unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.” To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to “Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No To Racism.” Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.
Some thought that what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of. There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing. Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them.
Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and majority-black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment. Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and now Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away.
The white elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, more opportunities. But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president.
Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.” But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India–people who are not white, not rich, and not “connected”–have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it, that has nothing to do with poverty.
The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility.
Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, the reflexive animosity. The elites explain everything with “racism,” and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point.
They will be the only ones who are surprised when real revolution comes to the United States, and that it is white people who lead the revolt.

Pix and Vids / GONZOOKIN 2014 pic's & Video thread~!
GonZookin 2014 at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park August 1st - 3rd pictures, video, and insanity: