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Hey guys

I'm looking at reselling stuff for off road enthusiasts and for just trucks in general. I do have some connections that I can use to get good pricing, and a great range of products. They are from bigger companies, unfortunately nothing that is really brand specific, except Jeep stuff (possibly get Zuk tops from Bestop as well).

Now, I have not spoken with site staff (I haven't been on here in a while, still Roy and Connie at the helm?) and this is purely a research post, I'm not pimping my wares yet. I don't even have a business name or any of the legal stuff done yet. What parts interest y'all that is something to look into? I don't want to start mentioning too many brands yet, just feelers now. Will be stuff for your daily, tow rig, race car, other wheelers, and everything for maintenance as well, if I kick it off.

Since I am not a vendor here, at least not yet, I am not taking orders or giving quotes. I don't have anything set, so I theoretically can't. If I get some good feedback, I will and get set up to help, but it's not fair to those vendors that have stuff set up (along with everything else that I need to have set).

Site staff, if this is not up to snuff, please let me know. I don't want to be in the wrong.

General Chit Chat / Reasons I have been missing....
I have not been around for a bit, but I have a good reason, I promise!!

I have sold my buggy project, got some cool stuff for my boat.  But I mainly used the money to buy a ring for my now fiancee! We have been together for almost 18 months, and have been just hanging out and getting the wedding plans together and hanging out with her and her 2 boys.  We have been on the water a few times this summer, and trying to get up with Jimmy to spend some time with him and Teresa on the water.

Tha plans are coming together very well, and will be married in June!  I would like to get back into wheeling, but here in the next little bit we are going to be looking at upgrading her car and getting into a house.  My truck isnt going anywhere!

Here is a picture of us out on the water earlier this summer.
General Tech / Project Sasquatch
I obtained a truck from another member here on the Zu, and I know the previous owner wouldnt mind keeping tabs on whats going on with the truck.

Its a 95 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually, slightly tweaked and boosted.  Greg (sammi davis) did a little work here and there to it, upgraded head, turbo, injectors, exhaust, new trans and rebuilt D80 out back.

Before I get too far into a "build thread" this is a daily that I am not planning on cutting or doing a lot of wild mods to it.  I know a lot of people know the truck, so here's keeping tabs on it.

So far, I have not really done much to it except put in a new cd player/head unit.  Has satelite radio and navigation, got it used on a good deal.  Also in that deal, I got 2 12" Memphis Studio subs that will be going into the truck shortly. 

I have gone through and replaced a few parts, 6 new tires (fronts were getting chewed up by alignment being out, rears were hard and slippery, which made it fun in the rain ;D), 4 new shocks, new LF upper control arm.  The upper control arm was replaced because the upper ball joints were welded in, and one was loose.  The alignment will be done in the AM. 

It needs to be washed in a bad way, but so far it really looks the same as it did.  I plan on installing a CB, same one I  had in my F150 and the same antenna setup, a mount under the toolbox on one side.  I also have all the stuff to install an airtank and compressor in the toolbox for air tools and airing up tires as needed, when needed. 

I am thinking of lowering it some as these duallys are just sick lowered, but the only thing I can find for the rears are to de-arch the springs or remove leafs, which I dont want to do either.  Any ideas on what I can do to drop the rear some?  It wont happen right away, but down the road it will.

I will update this as I do stuff, but will be here and there.  I am on the lookout for "Sport" bumpers for the truck so if you come across some let me know!

I have realized in the last little bit that I have no patience and i need some.  I knew I had no patience, but now realizing that patience is a good thing, i could use some. 

So, my question to you is how can I become more patient?  I have patience when working on something tedious, but when it comes to big and easy things I have nothing.
General Tech / 22re to 22r swap action - question raised
Putting a carb intake on a FI engine.  Intake went on without a hitch, as did the EGR stuff underneath.  However, the EGR valve for the FI is still there.  I know it bolts to the head and goes into the upper intake, does it also go into the head for whatever reason?  Basically, need to know if its something that can be blocked off or does it have to be there at all?
I have a bag I put together to keep in the truck for when I want to wander off in the woods, and if I need to get somewhere without the truck for whatever reason.  I have the essentials, food, water, makeshift shelter, change of clothes, and a way to make fire.  Small first aid kit, flashlight, handwarmer, toothbrush/toothpaste and other essential toilettries, and im sure there is something else in there.

I have a knife in my pocket (wouldnt mind a bigger one on/in the bag) and will have a firearm with me (for those pesky critters).  What else do you carry in your bag?
General Tech / ford 4.2 heated pcv
Working with a 99 E150 4.2 with the heated pcv. It has 3 connections at the back of the upper intake, one straight nipple and 2 off to the side, one about 10 degrees off vertical and the other not quite 90. If I have one hooked up and add coolant, would it cause the other to leak coolant? Part of me says it would, but part says it shouldn't.

What say the Zu?
General Chit Chat / Wireless Network questions
I will preface this, I am not a computer guy by any means.  I can hook it all up (mainly because its keyed and colored ;D) and use one, but much more than that, its another language.

We have been using a Linksys Wireless network in the house for a few years now.  It seems to work with the computers well.  I just got a laptop used through an insurance company thats a nice computer, but I cant seem to get the computer to hook up to the network with any reliability, otherwise its limited connectivity, and cant do anything.

I did get the computer to hook up once and use the internet, but I dont remember what I did (other than try many many times and hope and pray) and I cut it off when I was done (d'oh!).

It seems like either the network doesnt recognize the computer or the computer is blocking the network.  Its set up as an unsecured network as of now for this purpose.  I dont know how to go in and set it up.  Any advice or pointers?

Thanks Zu!
General Chit Chat / Anyone in RDU area have a belt sander?
I need a belt sander to straighten out my header flanges.  Does anyone closeby in the RDU area have one that I can use?  I can throw some cash in, or just some food and beverages, or whatever.

Thanks Zu!
General Chit Chat / Best way to sell a truck
I am trying to sell my truck for an oilburner, but I dont know what they best way is to do so.  I have it listed on a few forums and on crailgslist, but that doesnt seem to reach everyone that may be interested. 

Ive noticed on Craigslist, at least in my area, that dealers are swamping the cars and trucks section, and within an hour of posting my truck it was on page 4, with 90% dealers in front of it ::).  That, and nevermind the scamartists trolling on the craigslist.

So, what has worked well for you in the past?  I do have a trade offer on it but would rather sell outright if possible, just to get out of the loan and not deal with the bank any more than necessary.

General Tech / What to look for on a used CTD?
Im plotting on a new truck, to me at least.  Its gonna burn oil.

In looking at all the trucks available, it appears the CTD is going to be the best truck for me.  I have driven all the diesels out there, and I feel more comfortable in a CTD Dodge.

Now, I am looking a crew cab 4x4, those are my only real criteria.  I dont want a million miles on it either.  What all do I need to look for?  I am looking at the 01-06ish ballpark as far as the years go.  Preferably as new as possible.  No 6.7 or whatever the new ones are, 5.9 all the way.  I know about the front ends, whats the deal with the lift pumps?  When did they go in-tank?  I want to steer clear of performance upgrades, at least do them myself so I know whats been done and I can blame myself if I tear it up ;D
Mobile Electronics / Site that helps with wiring and such

Mostly about car audio, but does have information about relays, diodes, switches, etc.  Helped me a bunch when wiring my Zuk.
General Chit Chat / Any interest in the burpee challenge?
I have some friends who pulled this off some motorcycle forum, and tried to get me roped up in it.  So, I am trying to rope you in it too ;D

I have read recently about people wanting to go to the gym, or working out, and this is perfect for you!  This is not designed to be your workout, but an addition to your workout. 

First off, what is a burpee?  This is what I have been taught and have done in the past (I jump at the end, but appearantly that is optional).

Now, the way the challenge works.  This particular challenge starts Sunday.  It will last 125 days, ending on Christmas day.  On day one, do one burpee.  Day 2, do 2.  Day 47, do 47.  Day 125, do 125.  This will result in 7875 total burpees in this timeframe.  Make sense?

Now, I am not going to keep up with who all joins in.  This thread can do it, but it is a place to see who all is joining you.

You in?
General Chit Chat / New picture
Took this today, thought it was pretty good.  Picture taken on crappy cell phone.

Rides and Events / Uwharrie, This coming weekend 7/25-26
Going to Uwharrie this coming weekend, stretching the legs of my Zuk.  A few others are going.  Come on if you'd like.  We're there for the weekend, camping and the like.
General Tech / Daily Driver Tech
I am in the process of looking for a little truck to drive everyday.  I am looking for either a Datsun 520/521, a 620, or a Mazda Sundowner (old B series trucks).  I love the way these little trucks look, plus being small trucks with small engines, good gas mileage (anything is good compared to the MPGs I get from the Effie).  I like the old Hilux's but they are really hard to come by around here.

Now, besides rust and years of misuse, abuse and neglect, is there anything I need to be on the lookout with these trucks?  I have heard the Dats and Nissans are oil leakers, but that has been hearsay, not much behind it from what I can find.  Plus, a 20-30 year old truck, I would expect a little leak here and there.
General Chit Chat / Mafia Wars on Facebook
Anyone playing this?  I got into it a couple weeks ago and I dont know why, but its addicting.

So, is anyone else playing on it?  If so, wanna join up and grow the Mafia?

My Facebook Page
General Chit Chat / Drove it!!!
I drove my Samurai tonight!!!  First time in 3 years!!  Im excited (if you couldnt already tell!!) ;D
General Chit Chat / Dang online registrations!!!
Here I am, trying to register for a class this fall at the local community college.  Figured I would do it online, so I can do it rather quickly and be done with it.  Appearantly, you have to see an advisor to get set up for the online registration.  As it turns out, you can go ahead and register while seeing the advisor!  So, in order for me to register, I could go and see the advisor, get the info to do it online, then come home and register, or just go see the advisor and be done with it.  [smiley=cussing.gif]

Why cant it just be simple?? 

Im done ranting now ;D