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General Chit Chat / New Rear Bumper
Ordered some LED pods a while back and decided to install them this weekend.

No Go ...... with my current set-up they would not fit. So I decided it was time for a new bumper.

I ordered some motorcycle tail lights the will cover all three functions ...... parking / turn / break

they are 2" in diameter and I was told the they are so bright that you cannot look at them straight on.

heres some pics

Samurai Tech / Tach wiring for 2.0
I did the resistor swap according to the thread over on pirate4x4

pirate4x4 link

from what I have read .......... I need to land (a wire) to the brown wire on the 2.0. My problem is that I have (3) wires hooked up to the (3) posts on the back of the Tach....... (see pic) ...........

based on the 3 wires in the pic ........ which wire would I land to the brown wire on the 2.0 harness?
General Chit Chat / Trunion Bearings Shot
So my trunion bearings are shot and I am thinking about getting...............


has anyone had any experience with this kit?


I have a real good friend that is clearing a lot and I am assuming the person that owns the property just wants to get rid of the stuff that is there.

My friend just called and asked if I knew anyone that would be interested in:

1999 Tracker
1.6 16 valve
unknown milage
5- speed

He said that property owner just wants it gone........ so it is free to anyone.


he told me I could give out his phone number and you could call him.

nine-one-zero-eight-five-zero-zero-two-seven-three......... his name is Alan and just tell him you are from the Zuwharrie Group and David Stiff gave you his number

General Chit Chat / slight knock in tranny
Investigating slight knock in tranny and thought it was te throw out bearing.

naaaaaaa....... it is better than that

soooooo ...... I am in need of the lower gear section of the tranny

see picks

General Chit Chat / Door locks
Where is a good place to order doors locks (only) for the samurai? I see that most vendors sell the door locks along with the ignition,  but as most of you know.....  I don't need the ignition anymore
General Chit Chat / Center Console Build
Been busy today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Finally finished up the lockable center console  [thumbsup]


installed new t-stat & water pump

1-   with t-stat installed ...... now water temp reading

2-   with t-stat out ..... i get a water temp reading

General Chit Chat / in search of GMC fix
Does anyone on here work at a GMC dealership or know someone that does .........looking for a good price..... right now I am in need of 4 coil packs for a

2009 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3
How-To / Homemade Roof Rack clamps
The stock clamps that came with my door rack sucked. So I decided to make some from scratch.

- parts list -

-  section of tubing (diameter may differ)
-  (6) 1/4" x 3" bolts
-  nuts,  washers and lock washers

I first took measurements to find out how long I wanted to make the clamps. Cut the tube to length and then cut that piece of tube lengthwise to make two pieces . . . . .  Total of 3 sections of tube = 6 half pieces.

Drilled a single hole in each half piece to allow the bolt to go through.

Put the bolt in the hole and welded the head of the bolt.

I did grind down the head to smooth it over.


Samurai Tech / Weird charging
I am guessing regulator

While driving and the head lights on.....  The volt gauge bounces between 13 and 15. And head lights strobe just barely. Turn headlights off and it stops

2001 tracker 2.0 motor
Samurai Tech / Temp sensor for Electric Fan
Hey Guys,

Getting ready to buy a housing for the radiator hose to install the temp. sensor for my electric cooling fan..............

where would you install the Temp. Sensor for an electric fan

- Top radiator hose
- Bottom radiator hose

been reading some stuff online and one person stated that he installed his in the lower as to help cool the radiator when the vehicle isn't moving.............. any truth to that?

General Chit Chat / ORV Park in Fayetteville NC
So .............. I was talking with someone today that is affiliated with the City of Fayetteville today and they were talking about a local company wanting to open up an ORV park here in town (On the Cape Fear River). I told them that I thought it would be a great idea as long as it was open to Licensed and un-licensed vehicles and also ATV's. Also if the company could keep the vehicles on the trails ..... that would be the key.

I don't have any info ......... only that there was interest in opening the park.
Samurai Tech / Wierd Reverse problem

could installing the reverse switch cause me not to shift into reverse?

backed out of the garage and into the street. Took the rig for a drive ... about 3 miles to test the shifting. I could tell that I needed to adjust the clutch so I pulled back in front of the garage. Crawled under the rig to make the adjustment only to notice that there was gear oil dripping from the trans. This is when I remembered that I forgot to install the reverse switch. So I installed the switch and started the motor to test the clutch adjustment and that is when I noticed that I could not go into reverse.
General Chit Chat / 5th gear Switch

Does anyone know the thread size and Pitch of the threads for the the 5th gear or reverse switch plug?

I need to plug the 5th gear switch hole
General Chit Chat / Windshield gasket
Need some help ya'll ............

since I am not dealing with the stupid glass guy that is lazy........... I have decided to install the back door glass myself. 

this might be hard do describe without pictures, but my question is ........... 

which grove on the seal does the glass go in and also ......... I don't know the correct orientation for the seal either.

Samurai Tech / FJ60 Power Steering Hose Routing
Hey Guys,

does anyone have a diagram of how the (Low & High) side lines are routed for the FJ60 steering box?

this needs to include the cooler and reservoir also

How-To / Fuel line supports
I didn't have any grommets to support the fuel lines along the passenger inside frame. I did however have some of these.

Take both clamps off 

Drill hole in one clamp....  You will want to center the hole you drill

Make brackets or self tap screw in the frame
Insert rubber in the metal hose clamp

Tighten the hose clamp to the point where the hose is secure

General Chit Chat / 2.0 wiring ... couple of questions
first off . I need to let you know that I do not have any of the stock samurai harness in my rig. Well except maybe the wiring for the distributor.

I dropped a 2.0 in my rig and I am trying to figure out where I can land these (2) wires and I would assume they are the same as the 16 valve.

-  (From 2.0 ECM - Black/Yellow Stripe) says it goes to CRANK SIGNAL (Old ECM - Black/Yellow Stripe)
  being I do not have a stock harness ..... where can I land this wire

-  (From 2.0 ECM - Black/White Stripe) says it goes to IGNITION (Old EMC - Black/White Stripe)
    being I do not have a stock harness ..... where can I land this wire
Samurai Tech / 2.0 radiator port
Question for the 2.0 crowd.... 

The radiation is from Trail Tough.... What is the threaded port on the passenger side used for? 

I was thinking about using it as my power steering cooler.