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Samurai Tech / Re: Samurai Quick Build
Any pics of the carpet kit?  [thumbsup] [red_s]
Let us know!  [thumbsup]
General Chit Chat / Re: Home improvement projects
Recently replaced --

Water heater -- Weird plastic temp probe location blew out...Sprung for a 50 GAL upgrade -- Installed for about $500

HVAC -- Glad to have save cash on this by DIY....Installed for about $3200

In progress --

Exterior Trim -- I have a strange siding on my house called EIFS...Very strange and I have to contract it out. Going to run me $4-5k  (gotten 3 quotes so far). The reason this is being done is the PO had installed a weird "crown moulding" to the outside. Squirrels and birds loved it!

Boat storage -- I currently have a metal carport in the RV access on the side of my house....Going to add a pergola on the other side of the house and use the direction of the sun as my guide (to keep most of the sun off the boat) -- This includes a concrete pour

New insulation in attic -- Brought home the flir gun from work and saw how hot my ceiling is. Also noted spots that appear to not have any insulation at all? (Long blobs of heat on the ceiling) New R-38 insulation and "can light" covers are in my immediate future.

Wishful thinking --

Samurai/car shop -- I want to add a steel building in the backyard, $$$ has me limited on this, although I would love to have extra storage and a place to tinker on things in the shade!

Granny flat -- If the above steel building idea gets smashed by the other half, i pretty much have heard the "ok" to build a granny flat out back...Maybe in hopes the kids will move out there when they are older???  [idea] This is also a pricey addition (sewer, electrical concerns)

For Sale / Re: 1.3 Suzuki Samurai engine
I will be interested in the weber if it is a 38  [thumbsup] [red_s]
No problemo!

I would inspect the linkage before purchase, all that stuff is mainly for RHD (right hand drive)

Proceed with caution!

Samurai Tech / Re: 1.3L timing swap to 1.6L
Hola skyhi, hope ur doing good!
Samurai Tech / Re: Engine Lean
Here is a frame diagram, it would be real easy to do some quickie measurements  [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / Re: Engine Lean
Is the driver side mount blown out?

Hate to ask, is the frame tweaked?

Wanted / Re: FRONT Mud Flaps
Can you provide the Japan link?

I got a few buddies that need a set.

Did you purchase them?  [thumbsup] [red_s]
Wanted / Re: FRONT Mud Flaps
Took me a good while hawking ebay for a set...(and one of the flaps has a gouge in it [worried]  :\\\'( )

Definitely not an easy find!

Good luck!
Samurai Tech / Re: Stage 1 Suzuki Samurai cup holder!

Cool store ack, just ordered the samurai logo.

Nice use of 3d printing!
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.3L timing swap to 1.6L
Maybe this is why the seller sells the timing cover with it also?

Might be my next purchase!  [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.3L timing swap to 1.6L
Thanks @geopat‍  [black_s]

Same here melba, i've bought a ton of stuff from him!

Waiting for the right time to install it all with pics  [thumbsup]
General Chit Chat / Re: Haha on you......

I heard they might break some all time records.

We have 100+ all week with mid 70's at night... :\\\'(

UGH, glad i just replaced that hvac!!  [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / 1.3L timing swap to 1.6L
Has anyone done this mod? (1.6L timing gear setup on a 1.3L)?

Been curious as to my "squeaky belt sounds" and I believe it is timing related...

All would be fine, correct?

IS the cam gear larger (more teeth)?

I would want to do this before I get the adjustable timing cam gear due to the belt differences (wider and teeth style)

Any info helps sway my decision!

Clean tach mount!

Lookin good!
Links and Deals / 410
Wanted / Re: Sami rolling chassis
Hey! I need one too!

Just a rolling frame would be ideal...

Something like this (wishful thinking HA!)

Free bump for you sir  :P