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How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Thanks for the excellent documentation of your 2.0 swap.
I think yours is the first to mention the exhaust manifold issue. I don't remember it being mentioned in the few other reads that covered the swap topic.
Yep, all those little hurdles add to the timeline...but you got it done! [thumbsup]
I've never seen it mentioned either, but while I was talking to TT while I was ordering the 1.3 modified flywheel, Ben mentioned something about "getting the exhaust to work". I was kinda thinking he meant the pipe itself. My setup still isn't ideal. The flange needs to be reangled slightly to reduce the bend in the downpipe, but it seems to work ok as is.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Lower hose doesn't work with a stock Samurai steering box - rag joint will be rubbing on hose.  Looks like I'll get to fab a new water neck to get the outlet pointing some place other than right at the steering shaft, lol.
I can see that happening. I have the petroworks rag joint eliminator and a tracker power steering box so it clears ok. How are you running it without power steering? I saw another post somewhere of a guy using a hose from some kind of Saturn. Maybe it would work... Also, I think my rag joint eliminator is just the lower portion of a tracker steering shaft spliced together with the top half of a Samurai shaft.
I used FatMat Rattletrap on my step daughter's 2003 Beetle. I think I bought a 100sqft roll and I only used about half of it. I still have what's left. Maybe I'll slap in in the Samurai when I get some free time. :)
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Not only complete, but, and I quote from their site - "COMPLETE".  I would have been fine had TT said something to the effect of "We'll supply all the major components, and it's on you to make it work....not intended for 1st time swappers".  This is far from my 1st engine swap, and in fact have done a couple dozen complete drivetrain swaps over the years, but I'm at the point in my life that I don't want to spend every free weekend for 3 months in the garage making things work together any more.  I want to spend my time playing, not wrenching. 

As it was, it took twice as long to get the kit than it was supposed to, as Brent claimed that they didn't even receive my parts until two weeks after he called me to to say the request I included in the box that contained my harness wasn't going to be possible, and charged my credit card. Then it took another couple of weeks because the motor mounts were apparently back ordered, but never once did I even get an email saying things were going to be delayed a bit. 

I bought the kit not because of lack of ability, but rather to save some time and NOT have to do the R&D and fab myself.  I think for something that's advertised as a COMPLETE kit that cost me nearly $1700, I shouldn't have to find out after getting the motor in that the exhaust manifold hits the steering shaft, that the hood won't clear the motor, figuring out which radiator hoses to use, what size fasteners I need for the fan kit, or any other "little detail".  I'm also doing this with a 2.0 motor, so I'm not even dealing with the 2.3 differences.  Is it really too much to ask for a sheet of paper to be included mentioning this stuff?  Hell, I got a 6 page pack from Myron detailing how to put their cradle together, which would seem to be much more self explanatory, lol. 

That's the big reason why I'm not wild about sending them another 4 grand for the suspension kit.  I'm not knocking the parts themselves - it's solid product, but if this motor swap kit is any indication, I'll be money AND time ahead just to build the linked set up myself. 

All that said, THANK YOU for this thread.  I wasn't looking forward to the argument with the counter monkeys - "'re not going to find what I need under the year/make/model fields", lol.
No problem. I'm glad to help and share experience. Overall, this hasn't been much more difficult than doing a 1.6. If I had to do it over again, It wouldn't take nearly as long to complete because I'd know what to expect. I think start to finish(well near finish), it took 7 months, mostly due to being broke, redoing the work over and over again because I thought something was wrong or it actually was wrong, waiting on parts to arrive, or waiting on parts to be released from captivity by someone whom, I believe, never had the means to do the work he agreed to do. That last bit was about 2 months of the waiting time by itself. I could have finished before Christmas if it wasn't for that person.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
I made a video driving around yesterday so ya'll could hear it, but 1), the white balance on the camera was wayyyyy off so the video kind of looks like an uncolored coloring book page and 2), you can clearly hear a song on the radio which is a no no for content ID on Youtube. Plus, it's embarrassing because it's a Christina Aguilera song. Haha Guilty pleasures....
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Joey, does this mean that you about ready to give me a demo ride? I finally  retired so i have plenty of time between  my honey do's. 

Once I feel comfortable that it is running at the correct temperature, sure. :) 
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Something is wrong.  Very, very wrong.  Does it have oil in it?  [lol]
Hey... I'm just as surprised as you. Nothing leaks. 
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Yes. The hoses work fine. No leaks. In fact, there are no leaks on the engine anywhere of any kind, which is a first with a Suzuki engine for me. My steering box is leaking though. I did snap the dipstick handle off Friday which is kind of annoying, but you can still get new ones so it's fine. 

I think the use of the word "complete" is where the problem is. It's certainly not complete, but it does give you a heck of a good place to start from. 85% of the fab work is done. I'd have no qualms buying anything else from them. I've ordered stuff from them in the past too without issues. My only suggestion to those guys would be to add into their literature about the differences in the 2.0 Aerio version and what won't fit, but I've kind of done that for ya'll at this point. :) 

How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
It was running without it, but the exhaust smell was horrible and I'm sure the ECU wasn't happy that the readings weren't right. I'd be running 2 if they'd fit. The less emissions the better. After all you're breathing in that same air. I wish I could install a baby converter on my lawnmower...
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
I am a little sad to say that there isnt really much room for the 2nd cat. Here is an underbelly shot.
Samurai Tech / Re: smoking
x3. I replaced stem seals on my old g13b while the head was out(I bent a valve because a valve guide broke) and it completely stopped consuming oil. I was burning about a quart every 1000 miles prior and it didn't really smoke much at all, pretty much only at idle. 
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
I got it back today. Sounds like a boxer engine. :) Bled the coolant system out and it helped some, but it's still running 2/3 up the gauge and the fan stays on. There are no bubbles in the coolant though, so that part of the head gasket is good. :) Felt the lower hose and it's way cooler than the top hose. Suspected the thermostat, so I drained the coolant, removed the thermostat, boiled the thermostat in a pot on the stove, and it opened up just fine. Boiled the other thermostat that came with the motor and it opened too. Mine was a 195, that one was a 180 so I put the 180 back in it and it's running a little cooler now, but the lower hose is still cooler and the fan is still staying on. The fan kicks on just above the black tick mark that is about 1/3 of the way up the gauge, which is just about the same spot I set for the permacool unit I had before kick on. Unless there is some kind of blockage, the water pump is bad, or it's just supposed to run hotter than a 1.3, I'm out of ideas. I drove it around for a while today and it never spewed coolant like last time, but I'm still a little worried. 

It could be my temperature sensor adapter is getting hotter than the coolant stream. I'm going to give Brent a call on Monday to see what he thinks. I'm so close to being able to drive it worry free. :) 
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Well.... I am also OCPD, so that doesn't help. In fact, it's awful sometimes, and totally unintentional, but I'm working on it. :P
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Oh I wasn't arguing either. It's just what I said might come off as being d**ckish to some people. Just wanted ya'll to know that wasn't the case. :) 

I just got a call saying it's done so maybe today or tomorrow, I'll go pick it up.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
That is the problem with our society today, professions like mechanics, plumbers, electricians, ETC are all considered inferior professions.  So the industry's have been plagued with inferior candidates and in turn the quality of person you get to do these job typically isn't up to par to most peoples standard.  I feel the mainstream media has caused a lot of this by portraying blue collar jobs in movies and news media with persons that are the bottom of the barrel in our profession.  I am a 3rd generation mechanic and there is a reason my father and I are still the only two mechanics we have in our shop.  Hired many people and had to let go shortly after for the exact reasons you stated above, hard to find good help now days.  I just get so irritated with the way our profession is portrayed by media, I don't think they realize some of the people including myself do these professions because its what they love not because they are incapable of doing anything else, they don't ever bring people like myself (who has a bachelors degree and graduated with honors) into the media because that wouldn't fit their agenda.

Sorry off the soapbox now!! :-\\\\

Well spoken and I agree 100%. I hate seeing skilled workers looked down upon, and openly defend them when it does happen. Move to Ga. You'd make a killing with quality work of any kind. I'm not saying they don't exist, but I haven't found one yet that I feel comfortable with and can cite many examples why. I'm not just being a jerk about it like some people who aren't happy with anything can be. It definitely takes a certain skill and mindset to troubleshoot complex mechanical issues. At most shops, including dealerships, they just swap parts until something works. Once the part diagram has been exhausted, the issue can't be duplicated or resolved and it gets returned to the customer. I feel like if a guy like me, who has some experience, but limited knowledge can find an issue that a person who does the job for a living can't, something isn't right, yet it's happened on multiple occasions.  
The exhaust should be done today, the right way. They called me again this morning and I explained again, how it's supposed to be. As for the cooling issue, I'll resolve that one on my own I guess. I'll post up my solution so ya'll can use it if needed. I found some other posts where guys were having similar cooling issues and resolved it by using one of those no spill funnels that raises up the coolant level higher than the highest point on the engine and cracking a hose open that runs from the head to the intake manifold to bleed the air out. I'm going to try it out and see if it fixes my cooling issue. Gosh I hope so. I really want to drive it again. Hopefully I did no damage in the 15 mile stretch of 3/4 temps.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
This is going to make me sound like a total arrogant a-hole, but to be honest, the reason why I work on my own stuff is because I've never met a mechanic that could fix or diagnose anything properly or accurately. Shortcuts, incomplete work etc.... Overall incompetence and I have no patience for it. I did have an awesome muffler guy that I took all my stuff to, but like many other trade occupations, he retired and took that wisdom and experience with him. This is my first exhaust job since 1997 that he hasn't done. I miss him already. :( Time to learn to weld and bend pipe I guess.

I will say my dealings with Brent, Ben, and Linda from TT have been the best automotive part ordering and service experiences ever. Even with my semi stupid questions and special needs, they've been patient with me and very knowledgeable. Without them, this swap would have been impossible or at least way more difficult.

How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
I got a call today saying it was done. Got there and they did it wrong. The exhaust was running straight out of the back, the o2 bung behind the cat wasn't welded in and the 2nd o2 sensor was sitting in the back of the cab, obviously not screwed into the exhaust because of said o2 bung. Guy told me I had extra parts left over and I said well that's how you know you've done something wrong isn't it? lol So.... maybe tomorrow. I told the fella(different guy) when I dropped it off exactly where I wanted the tip to come out. Even showed him a picture of a stock Samurai for illustration purposes... The guy kept telling me it only had one o2. I showed him where the plug for the second o2 was hanging down underneath. They had to move it out of the way to do the welding. It's right in the way. They also told me I had no air trapped in the coolant system... I have my doubts that they could even diagnose it. 

On the plus side, I got to hear it run and it sounded ok at idle. Pretty quiet. Not much exhaust smell. I think I"m going to be happy with the system once it's done right.

Stay tuned!
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Yep. This one will be especially bad since the radiator is so much lower than it is on other engines. I didn't get a phone call today so I'm guessing the exhaust isn't done. 
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Here is a breakdown of the cost of this swap to me. It totals about $3100. I think I spent something like $2300 on my GTi swap in 2007, so not too bad for 45 hp and 70 ftlbs more. The wire harness was the single most expensive part of the swap. If coming directly from a carbed 1.3, you will have even more stuff to buy. I already had an EFI fuel pump and lines, I already had power steering and I already had the VSS in the cluster. I wasted some money on stuff I didn't need too, like the oil pan and the stock replacement 2.0 cat.

ENGINE 74k miles 2003 Aerio450.00Used
HARNESS conversion600.00Trail Tough
2.0 adapter and mounts300.00Trail Tough
Junkyard harness and ECU75.00Pull A Part Conley
Knock Sensor25.00Ebay
RADIATOR300.00Trail Tough
EXHAUST(muffler, cat, tip o2 bung) 400.00Summit/Merlin Fayetteville
2 o2 sensors90.00Rockauto
Coolant temp sensor and sender and adapter65.00Rockauto/ Aussie FI store
K&N Apollo88.00Ebay
Intercooler pipe and couplers40.00Ebay
radiator hoses20.00Advance Auto
Power steering hose(hard and soft)60.00Amazon
Junkyard exhaust manifold30.00Pick A Part
Junkyard power steering pump and bracket50.00Pick A Part
Junkyard Throttle cable5.00Pick A Part
New Alternator100.00Ebay
New Starter 1.665.00Ebay
Dayco Belt20.00Rockauto
24k resistor0.14Online Electronics store
Fluids(gear oil, antifreeze, oil, oil filter)50.00Wally World/Rockauto