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Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Shes back on her feet! Got an "oem" brand flare set from crappy tire. It worked but the "button" would get stuck on the first flare every time and was a huge pain to get off. It also would mangle the hole in the tube while pulling it out. But I got it done and that's what matters. About to go throw on the u bolts and bleed the brakes. The sun is killing me.

I also cant find the t case flange nuts anywhere. Ill call the dealer tomorrow but that's another delay before I can get the drive shafts back on.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Yeah I was hoping to just do the buy and return and didn't want to spend a ton of cash. I'm 90% sure its the tool. Every flare I did with the first kit turned out perfect, the 2nd one is just junk. I dont see how my technique could have went from good to horrible in the span of an hour. I literally straighten the hose put it in the clamp about a 1/16" higher then the seat of the button thingy then slowly start clamping it down and within 1/4 turn the line starts bending to the side and ends up being smushed by the end of it It also takes a lot more force to tighten the press then it did with the first tool. I can't really see what I could do to improve my results.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Well wasn't a very productive day at all. Started by installing the high steer. Took forever to get the kingpin lined up with the bearing. Once I got that sorted I realized there's no way to get the 1 bolt into the caliper mount as its too long to fit behind the arm. Would have been nice to have instructions but I guess a used high steer from a company that no longer exists is asking for some road bumps. Looks like im going to need to order a stud for it, but at least the arm is on the axle and it can be reinstalled for now. Then I went to remove the soft brake lines from the hard ones. Both of the hard lines nuts were rusted to the tube so I ended up just cutting them. Went to the store to get some premade unbent lines. Drove home to realize they were the wrong flare and the parts guy misheard double for bubble ::) went back and decided to just get a roll of line and redo all the hard lines. Then went to 3 different parts stores to get enough m10x1.0 inverted flare nuts. Then went to princess auto and got a cheap $50 flare kit. Finally get home and start remaking the lines from the master cylinder. Got about 8 flares in when the splines in the clamp wore smooth and it wouldn't hold the line anymore. Go back to princess auto replace it with the same kit. This new one doesnt work at all. For some reason rather then crushing the flare straight it just kind of mushes it to the side and makes a horrible flare. I tried about 7 times and got 1 that was "ok" but I still question if it will leak or not. I started at 10am and gave up at 7pm after accomplishing nothing. Tomorrow ill get power fisted for the 3rd time and hopefully get another kit that will last long enough to finish. Only need the 2 rear lines, the front line to the passenger caliper and to flare the end of the drivers side line. Feeling a bit defeated but hopefully tomorrow is more productive. 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Thanks for the tips. Ill definitely play around with it more now that I'm feeling more confident with it.

Got the front axle and drive shafts painted before work this morning. I also picked up the new hardware for my crossover steering arm. Nothing but sun lately so should be a pretty productive weekend. Should be able to get all the bigger stuff done then I'm just waiting on parts to order before its good to test drive!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I usually keep my wire feed pretty low. I dont have the best dexterity and being able to take my time makes the beads a lot nicer. I was having the same issue with thinner metal as well. Might just be the 120v like you said. Its just weird it doesn't happen all the time. Like 1 weld is fine and the next is bad and its just back and forth all the time.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Yeah it says it can handle 1/4 and ive used it on some pretty thick stuff. Pretty handy now that I'm getting the hang of it. I bought it new off cl like 3 years ago and until about a month ago I had only used it a handful of times.

Should hopefully have most of the mechanical stuff back together this weekend. Then its just the random odds and ends until its ready for the road. Is it worth attempting to start the engine before I can take it for a drive? Don't want to cause excessive wear or glaze the cylinders on the fresh engine.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Yeah I was pretty careful to jump around. Between the mounts and armor I never really had to focus on one spot.

Its a Lincoln migpak 140
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
No extension cord but the instructions said to use a 20 amp breaker. On lower settings its fine but I had it practically maxed out.

I'm not sure of the duty cycle. Maybe that's the issue. I definitely dont let it cool off that much between welds. But with the breaker popping its more like 20 or so seconds on then 20-30 seconds off. That being said ive always had this popping from the arc even on low settings. Also had the trigger stop working today. Checked it with my voltimeter and it was fine, then found a switch inside the machine which I think is for using gas. Flipped that back and forth and it started working again. The machine is a few years old but doesnt have much use on it at all.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Got the front axle welded up after work. Extremely frustrating using a 15 amp breaker. At the most I can get a bead going for 20 seconds before the breaker pops. Took about 2 hours but I got it all done. I didn't weld on the gusset for the birfs, ill wait until I'm ready to rebuild axles for that. Its funny how I can lay an almost perfect looking bead and then 10 seconds later lay one that looks like complete poop. Maybe I have the welder setup wrong but occasionally it'll constantly pop like the arc is cutting in an out which causes the wire feed to keep poking off the metal, its usually when this happens that everything goes to poop. I'm not sure what's causing it. I'm using a flap disc and getting down to clean metal so its not poor conductivity, maybe my welder needs to be serviced or maybe I just have bad technique!

I ordered some caliper bolts from fastenal, they should hopefully be in tomorrow. Tracking says my manifold studs and all new u joints are waiting in my mailbox for the landlord to pick up. I was thinking of replacing all the tie rods while I have everything apart. Rock auto only lists one for the left side, are all 4 the same? It also looks like the one end of the drag link has the tie rod built in? Safe to assume replacing that requires a new drag link?
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I remember reading something about a chinese locker that only egaged 1 wheel when unlocked. It May have been cable actuated though.

It would be cool if someone disassembled it beside a real arb and compared the build quality of each piece.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: TDI Sidekick
Haha love the Dominos sign! Reminded me of my old car! Definitely didnt get 7l/100km in that though!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I was leaning over the fender trying to slide the tranny into the tunnel from the bay. I guess all that weight plus the awkward angle was enough to crack em. Its just weird it didn't hurt that much during the week and then all of a sudden its unbearable. I definitely made the worse messing with the axle. I just hope I can go back to work on Tuesday. Ive been so flaky with this new job. I've missed 3.5 days in like 2 months which is by far the most work ive ever missed!
Samurai Tech / Re: Brakes
Keep bleeding what year is your truck? If it has a diagonal split system it would make sense for 1 wheel to lockup. The drums obvioisly arnt as strong and probably can't lockup the wheel, but the other half of the system probably has some air bubbles.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Turns out the loud and painful popping feeling in my chest I had last weekend was 2 of my ribs breaking. The pain has been manageable until yesterday, now it feels like I'm getting punched in the ribs anytime I move. I pulled the front axle last night but there's no way I can do any more work on it this weekend 😠. Even shifting gears while driving is super painful. Off to the island to drink the pain away for my 32nd bday!

I picked up some u bolts for the front axle this morning, as well as 4 longer kingpin bolts for my cross over steering. Home depot didn't have any bolts of the right thread pitch for the longer caliper bolts ill need, ill hopefully track some down next week, and get the front welded and painted if my ribs are feeling better. Some good news is I managed to find a 84 Sammy t case with the integrated parking brake for $50! Ill be picking that up next weekend, and when a bit more money comes in ill be going 4 wheel disc with trackick calipers/rotors up front.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: TDI Sidekick
That's awesome! I hope I can get close to 8l/100km with my aaz.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
How much did it end up costing you? Are these the ones that leave you with power only going to 1 wheel when they are unlocked?
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Lol I wasn't planning on my bank account shrinking so fast. I'm basically waiting on an intake which I can't afford until the end of the month 😛 no rush. Plus its not like it hasn't rained 90% of the free time I've had.

How long have you had that arb locker sitting in the box again?
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
So Scott springs made me some u bolts. Excellent place I highly recommend them. Bent them up for me on the spot and I was out the door in 10 min. I went 1/2 thick as I'd read they fit the spring plates. Came to $11 each with washers and deep nuts! I need to get some new spring bolts as the stock ones don't fit in the perch holes. If its nice after work tomorrow ill attempt to get the rear axle bolted together. Then maybe on Monday ill take the front axle out and start welding it up!

After the front axle all that's left is to finish the wiring, paint the eps, drive shafts and cross over steering, install the new u joints, put the t case back in, route the coolant lines, install the timing belt and injection pump and make an exhaust and it should be ready for a test drive! I'm thinking first or 2nd week of April.
The yj flares don't look too bad! How hard were they to fit? 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: ACME kit
Oh yeah sorry I wasn't thinking tdi. Sounds like you've got it figured out pretty well.