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I have 4.24 case gears. Welded front and rear on 36s, my 5speed trans, transfer case, and even my driveshaft get so hot I can't touch them. Is this just because they are in a bind with being welded front and rear or what? All fluids are new and topped off. Anyone else have this problem?
I almost forgot these pics. It is at a Church parking lot for a wedding I was in.  I am flexed out on the Grooms Sami. He had all of us drive away in our Zuks.  The second pic is from his bachelor party at Badlands in attica indiana, before I got it painted.  So this is our Zuk Crew.

I have not updated this for a while.  So here is where I am.  I installed my transfer case gears and made my Slip yoke eliminator up front.

I then paid my friend to build me an exocage

installed some racing seats I picked up

Mounted up the winch and Toyota steering box. we had to completely redo the frame for the box to work properly.

Measured for shocks

Then I talked my wife into helping me repaint the whole thing in some OD green.  Lighting in pics makes it look like Desert Tan though.

Then since this rig is for my whole family and I did ninja turtles for my son. My 1 yr old daughter needed something on it as well.  Since she has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and she will be in a constant battle with that for all of her life, I thought the best thing to do is try and spread some awareness about it.  The best way I could think of is to throw some stickers on the rig. So every picture shared or every place I go is working to spread a little bit more awareness about this genetic lifelong disease that hopefully will have a cure discovered in her lifetime.

All done and ready for Zookimelt 2014!

ZookiMelt / Re: Zukimelt 2014
Zookimelt 2014 will be held at Dirty Turtle Off-road Park in beautiful Bedford, Ky July 10th, 11th, 12th. Events will include, a Rally, Poker Run, Hill Climb, Barbie Jeep Race, Raffle and anything else our twisted minds can come up with. Even though this is a Suzuki event ALL BRANDS of 4x4s and Side by sides are welcome to come hang out and wheel with us, and if you would like to attend and don't have a 4x4, PLEASE let me know and I will do my best to find you a open seat for the event.

They offer trails from mild to wild and I believe the cost should be around 35 dollars per rig, 10 dollars for each additional person for the full weekend and Camping is included. So Mark your Calendars Everybody!

Here are the 2014 Events times...
Thursday 10th-
Open Wheeling All Day (gates open at 9:00)
Friday 11th-
11:00- Rally (Helmets Required)
4:00 - Poker Run
9:30 - Night Run
Saturday 12th-
11:00 - Group Picture (location TBA)
1:00 - Bounty Hill (Helmets Required; Timed Event)
4:00 - Barbie Jeep Race (location TBA)
6:30 - Raffle
Sunday 13th-
Open Wheeling Day

Ill be there first thing Friday Morning.  I don't know why Brent hasn't posted any info here.
Also can a factory toyota normally be used without modification to the shaft itself?
I know there are many different types of toyota driveshafts with the cv. Would you use the front or modified rear? Ifs or solid axle? Since you are local, do you know anyone selling one? Thanks man
My main issue now is driveshafts. I am pretty sure I can get enough flex out of the rear if all I do is extend it, but I have no idea how everyone does the front? I thought most people with trailslayer kits just had a spacer?!? My stock front driveshaft has no chance at getting even close to the angle that is needed. What does everyone do?
I made a little progress on my build this weekend.  Needless to say I owe my fab shop buddy a lot of favors now. Here are the pics from me loading it on the trailer to his shop, until I brought it home. Enjoy

Ok, i tried to figure out how to mount my toyota steering box while keeping my strut towers and have ran into multiple problems. It seems that no matter where I would mount it I would have to angle it in order for the steering shaft to clear the strut towers. This makes me wonder even more about tire to toy box clearance.  second I can't seem to move it far enough forward without the angle of the frame getting in the way. I have searched like crazy but cannot find any pics of a mounted toy box on a tracker frame,only samis come up. Third, my box did not come with the lower part of the shaft that slides onto the box. If someone has one I would be interested in it or hearing a way that you made something else work.  Thanks again for your help guys!
I do have a question for you mike. Do you or have you ran with the factory slip yokes while sas? Didn't know if you had trouble with them falling out
I am in need of a rear door from a 4 door.  Don't need tire carrier and don't care about paint color. Just needs to be functional with good glass. If you know of one give me a shout! 618-384-7680 I tapped a tree a little to hard. ::) 

Not for sure what his name was, but he lived on Veterans Dr.

I used to run around with Jillian Bartok and Kendra Redick, Went to summer church camp at West Frankfort with Todd Duffee.(he is quite the force to be reckoned with now!)

Also thank you for that vid it helped out a lot!
That's awesome. I picked up my rear axle in eldorado. You should join white county off-road on Facebook. We try and plan a few trips a year, share photos and swap and sell stuff. Never really thought I'd find someone so close on here hahaha
Most common gear ratio for yota axles are 4:10 if I'm not mistaken. But yes they are 410s. I picked up my yota box tonight and will be going that route now that I got to examine on in person. Bumped up my confidence a bit
Once I get the suspension in, I will see how much is left in my budget to do the toyota box swap(plumbing and other tidbits)  As far as gearing I would love to gear it lower, later on down the road, but right now it is just not feasible.  I mean before, I was running all factory gearing and 31s which would have maxed out at 57mph in low. Now I will top out at 35mph. With your suggested setup on adding 5.71s I would be at 25mph. So I am much better than what I was but yes not where I would like my end goal to be.  Do you really think I will have troubles in the gearing department?
reason for leafs in rear is budget, same with the reason for steering box. As with many many other things on my rig.  But I will have a toyota box that I can upgrade to later if it is horrible.  As far as the gearing not being enough. Factory gearing in low range with factory size tires maxes out at 48mph in low 5th gear.  My setup will max out at 35mph.  Is it Ideal, no. Is there room for improvement, yes. But I think it will serve well until I get some more cash, as far as the gearing is concerned.  Thanks for your input though.  I don't get offended easily and I like to be criticized. I mean how else are you supposed to improve?  One of my questions is has anyone ran reversed XJs? are you having problems with axle wrap?
Also I forgot about the steering. I am planning on doing the home brew toyota cross over set up where you get another factory arm on the passenger side, flipe it upside down and mount your crossover bar there. Not planning on going full highsteer right now because I honestly don't think it is worth the money. I will be running my factory box with a modified arm for full lock to lock turning, and will be doing the shim mod on the Pump.
Ok, So here is my plan and if you see something that does not work let me know.  Also this is a trail only rig and is not street legal. I would not do some of these mods if I were going to be driving this on the street.

Rear 89 yota rear welded, 4.10s, Cherokee leafs reversed with 2inch lift shackles. (58in width)

Front 85 yota front welded, 4.10s, Custom radius arm set up with Cherokee stock coils and 1.5inch wheel spacers. (58in total width)

Transfer case will have 4.24s in it.

Wheels and tires will be 36x13 on 16x8 beadlocks with 4 inch backspacing(this is the main part i am worried about because I am afraid I will rub on the inside with that much back spacing)

Drive shafts I plan to leave as slip yokes right now but extend the factory drive shafts.

My tracker is already trimmed out about as much as possible in the wheel wells. If someone spots something I am missing or doing completely wrong please give me a heads up.

What my tracker was with 31s:

What it now will look like with 36s

Samurai Tech / Re: dual t-case shifters
Revive you Zombie thread!  Ok just kidding but, this xfakor link I have found referenced in multiple places and I can't seem to be able to get it to load.  I assume the website has been down for years and was wondering if anyone happened to save that article so I could get a copy of it?  Thanks
I have some videos for you all to Enjoy.

Hills and Trails

Rock Garden, My 4 door made it but my clutch didn't like it, I need to get me some gears!