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Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Everyone dipped out on my this weekend.  Seems thats what happens when all your friends have kids.  :(

Also low on money. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Thanks.  It already has a tj rubicon 1310 driveshaft in it. I'll probably either buy a hp front third. but most likely I'll just cut and rotate the inner c's on the toyota axle. 

I wasn't expecting for it to ride this tall, but I'm not worried about it too much. Its gonna be a trail rig with bigger tires once I get some tcase gears.

I won't be getting this done before the zu, BUT, it will still be the number 1 prioity when I get back..

Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Big shout out to everyone helping me out to make this thing actually get to the zu. Somehow this is ride height. I'll drop the motor in today and see what all thay changes. 

Also broke my phone friday so no more updates until I get another one.  :(
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Never run a set.   Bought them as a package. Hopefully better than the Weber did. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Picked up a few more parts to help this thing along. Got some new shafts and brakes. Ifs Toyota box.  And some parts and lines from. Sean aftermarket 4x4.   [thumbsup] it would only be fitting if Sean came up here to help out. Lol

Made a power steering mount out of a tracker bracket. Started cutting to make room for the steering box.  It's a little bit forward but should work enough for me. 

Mocked up "exhaust" 

Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
If you cant tell by the pictures. I welded on a motorcycle muffler to match the gsxr carbs.  Talked to Razor rodent about them hopefully going to get them on and installed friday night. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Haha what am I looking at?
Is this going straight down or straight up?
Sky wards.  ;D
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
You've done more to your beater build than I have to mine in months!

Just takes persistent, caffeine, and good friends to help seal the deal Sunday. 
I'll have to link to the original build. I cant remember if I had a thread on it or not.  I built it with some friends in 2.5 days. 
Seeing how I still dont know what I'm doing and modifying a lot more stuff its taking quite a bit longer. 
BUT, I've needed a trail rig that can handle my throttle happy driving style. So i'm trying to build it to actually last a year or so wheeling.
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Other tire is patched.  

Got more work done on front axle.  Still don't have the bearing I need to finish it.  

Hopefully going to put a few orders in to get the rest of the parts I'm gonna need to finish it.  

Also finished the exhaust.  :welder:
Wanted / Re: New project needing a couple parts
Would you be interested in shipping it? I'll take one !
I'll be at the Zuwharrie event next week if you want to come pick it up. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Got 3 of the tires mounted up.  One still has a hole in it I will get it fixed tonight.

Picked up new brake pads and bearings for the front.

Also hoping to get the rest of the rear axle parts I'm gonna need this evening.
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Spring 17 Official Zu announcement
Do Land Rover guys and gals drink better licker than jeep and Sammy owners? Or they just can't handle it....
Can't hind it as well.  Second discovers drive as bad as a TJ down the road
Wanted / Re: New project needing a couple parts
I have tracker power steering systems for $100 Zu delivery
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Spring 17 Official Zu announcement
Just wanted to put the word out.  You guys and gals are already aware of the alcohol policy, both by the Zu as well as the Forest Service.  I've been informed Officer Foote is addressing recent issues by patrolling camp, writing tickets for alcohol.  FYI.
Theres a policy on alcohol?!?!?
I always thought it was BYOB. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.

You weren't kidding with "beater".  Beating to assemble?  That's a new one!  Haha.  ;D
Yeah because the brake shoes where RUSTED TO THE DRUM.  Took me an hour to beat them apart.
Also it's called massaging it when putting new parts on.  8) :welder:

How come his "beater" looks better than my driver? :\\\'( ;D
This is a sad tale.  Probably one of the most rustless Samis I've found. But it had a DeVinney load of dents. It was rolled twice before I got it and somehow still has a windshield
For Sale / Re: Spring cleanup free Zuwharrie delivery
Just updated all the prices

Please feel free to shot me an offer. I won't get offended just need to move some stuff to pay for the beater. 

Also. 5x5.5 15x10 rims $150

Dana 44 Chevy bolt missing 1 caliper  4.11 gears $400 I can send 4.56 gears and carrier for extra

Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
8 steps forward and all of them hit brick wall. 

Turns out my housing was bent. Had to straighten it with a sledge. The bolts in the ring gear where missing. Had to find some. Trunion bearings are Mia. Can't put axle together tonight. So I started working on the rear axle that came off the Titanic. All the breaks are shot. Gotta find another ifs shaft. Nothing I could have done, So called it an early day.  
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Jealous of your beater and that you get to go to Zuwharrie.
Um Thanks.  I mean I love going to KOH too, but dont like the 3 day drive out. 

Gitter done!  [thumbsup]
I'm gonna try. Hard. Giggity.

Is this your first experience with a DRZ kit? 

I've know Zack for a long time and I HIGHLY recommend his kit.  Everything bolted together perfectly.

One frame was bent so it took some minor persuasion.  ;D

Samurai Tech / Last minute beater build.
Starting from lunch today I will have 10 days to get this thing done before I leave for Zuwharrie. So far.  I got it into the shop area. Removed everything from the suspension. And installed Dr.zs yj kit.  

Tomorrow is finish up the 1.3 assembly and hopefully get the front axle finished. 
General Chit Chat / Re: Zu Do list
Finished up bad Zuk today with new front springs. 

Finish up the shop organization.

Aaaaaaand start building the beater Sami, engine transplant, yj kit, yotas with chromos, driveshafts, and the gsxr carbs and pulling headed.