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General Chit Chat / Re: New Rear Bumper
Hey, I know someone else who done that a few months ago. Lol.  I guess it was a no go on trimming the fins on the lights?   It looks good great job 
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Spring 17 Official Zu announcement
I have on good word that Tylor from LROR will be there.  Also just learned @Bama Zuk‍  will be in the house as well!
I haven't seen @Bama Zuk‍ since Ian from Xtreme was there.  
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Spring 17 Official Zu announcement
Hey guys and gals!  Just wanted to put out a reminder about the Easter Egg hunt.  Keep your eyes peeled around the forest.  There may be treats out there somewhere..... [thumbsup]
Adult treats too(beverages)?  Someone needs to hide some shooters since Robert isn't able to make it this year.
General Chit Chat / Taxi is a little cleaner
Finally got my rat nest of wires and relays that was stuffed under the dash organized 
General Chit Chat / Re: 87YellowSuzi
Wow, I really need to update my email notifications.  I am just now seeing this.    Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone.  
General Chit Chat / Re: Xtreme @ Zuwharrie!
Do you really want to know?  [lol]
Devinney always tests stuff personally.  So I'd say it was probably slightly used.   [lol]
General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
On the dyno.   39 hp. 
General Chit Chat / Re: Sad news for Uwharrie people
Prayers for the family
Pix and Vids / Re: 2016 UnZu
Woah!  Impressive work!  ;D   The good news is  1.  not the tcase  2.  an opportunity to make it better!   [thumbsup]

Yeah. Broke 3 tabs off.  I had my welder with me so I welded 2 tabs as good as I could at camp without pulling the case out.  It held up to do Dickey bell again. 
But I'm off work this week and just got her welded up and braced
Pix and Vids / Re: 2016 UnZu
I finally killed the snatch.  This is why the front output kept kicking out.   Tcase was rocking back and the front output shifter was hitting the passenger seat popping it out. 
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Event fun and games
I like this idea.   Maybe it'll keep Blaine occupied so he won't be playing with electronics the whole time. 
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Whos stayin where ????????
Arrowhead #40
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Saturday night Denton BBQ run
I will be attending along with the gf and her little man
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Whos going thread,

I plan to be there as of right now. I'm just really hoping that the campgrounds are open by then.

Dido   Gonna get the trailer wired up this weekend
Rides and Events / Re: unZu '13
I AM.   Gotta little more work to do on  the trailer to have it ready.  Getting tires on it now.   Just to put decking and wire up trailer lights and it'll be ready
General Chit Chat / WOOP WOOP!! What day is it??
Most of you would probably think about the humpday geico camel commercial.    But you would be wrong.     Today is the day I get my new tires.   Haha. 
Rides and Events / Re: Weekend run
I may be attending this trip.
Samurai Tech / Re: hi lift mount?
The only bad thing If you go on the hinges, is that it'll be vertical and it might look a little weird if you don't have the top on.    But then again, it might look good.  
Samurai Tech / Re: hi lift mount?
Ahhh. Just do it like jeepers do and bolt it to the hood.  Lol