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Samurai Tech / Re: Steering control arm angle?
Zuk looks great! 

These guys have the steering right, as parallel as possible is the best way. OTT, Merc arms, etc to get it up, or a drop pitman arm to drop it at the box. OTT/Merc arm is best.

When I bought my Zuk, it had like a 6 inch Z link and it had a good bit of bump steer. I was planning OTT, then it spiralled out of control. :welder:

When doing your axle, go all in and reseal the diff, even if it's not leaking. Hate to see you have to go back into it for a leak in a while.
Apparently with the new software, I do not know how to quote anymore LOL.
Hey Cameron!  Long time, no see!  And good to see you as well.

Roy and Connie still drop in on occasion.  Arrangements were made as Roy wanted to finish up his CG career and kick off his next venture.  Congratulations to him!

We should talk.  There may exist other possible scenarios which may be of interest to you. 

That said, the Zu is coming up at the end of the month.  That could be an opportunity to catch up.  It may also present some opportunities to let folks know your thoughts as well as gain some of theirs.  Let's keep in touch!

It has been a while since I have posted, but I have been stopping in and checking out here and there.

I will not be able to make the zoo, I was trying to plan for that but I will have to work on that Saturday and the wife's birthday is Sunday. May still day trip it on Sunday though.

 What did you have in mind? If it's easier to email me, or if it's easier to call, I am still listed in the contacts or I can p.m. you my number and you can give me a shout. Whichever way is easier for you.
Toyota Tech / Re: Plug and play
It really depends. Carb vs EFI, wiring your gauges you have now, etc. It won't be hard as far as that goes, but not a plug and play. As far as mounts, no. 

With that said, for the work to go into it, I would pick a different engine to use. They are almost all going to weigh more than the Zuk motor, but the reward for the work is much more rewarding IMO.
Hey guys

I'm looking at reselling stuff for off road enthusiasts and for just trucks in general. I do have some connections that I can use to get good pricing, and a great range of products. They are from bigger companies, unfortunately nothing that is really brand specific, except Jeep stuff (possibly get Zuk tops from Bestop as well).

Now, I have not spoken with site staff (I haven't been on here in a while, still Roy and Connie at the helm?) and this is purely a research post, I'm not pimping my wares yet. I don't even have a business name or any of the legal stuff done yet. What parts interest y'all that is something to look into? I don't want to start mentioning too many brands yet, just feelers now. Will be stuff for your daily, tow rig, race car, other wheelers, and everything for maintenance as well, if I kick it off.

Since I am not a vendor here, at least not yet, I am not taking orders or giving quotes. I don't have anything set, so I theoretically can't. If I get some good feedback, I will and get set up to help, but it's not fair to those vendors that have stuff set up (along with everything else that I need to have set).

Site staff, if this is not up to snuff, please let me know. I don't want to be in the wrong.

General Chit Chat / Re: 2006 F250..... keep or not keep
I would go with a slight lift just for a bit taller and wider tire.  Helps with aesthetics and capabilities too.
General Chit Chat / Re: The samurai is no more.

General Chit Chat / Re: I almost forgot!
Congrats! Thanks for your service Roy!!
General Chit Chat / Reasons I have been missing....
I have not been around for a bit, but I have a good reason, I promise!!

I have sold my buggy project, got some cool stuff for my boat.  But I mainly used the money to buy a ring for my now fiancee! We have been together for almost 18 months, and have been just hanging out and getting the wedding plans together and hanging out with her and her 2 boys.  We have been on the water a few times this summer, and trying to get up with Jimmy to spend some time with him and Teresa on the water.

Tha plans are coming together very well, and will be married in June!  I would like to get back into wheeling, but here in the next little bit we are going to be looking at upgrading her car and getting into a house.  My truck isnt going anywhere!

Here is a picture of us out on the water earlier this summer.
General Tech / Re: Project Sasquatch
I have decided to and started doing a sport conversion on the truck.  I have everything except the front bumper, and the stickers lol. 

I cant seem to find a 99-02 sport bumper for anything thats not costing a mint. 

After its done and repainted (entire truck, changing colors on it) I will upgrade the factory fogs (wont even buy them, just straight jump to the upgrade) and look to add some Hellas or PIAA behind the grill, eventually. 
General Tech / Re: Project Sasquatch

Dropping it a few inches and swapping on a nice set of wheels would really turn the truck into a sweet ride.


The drop and bumpers are in the works for 2011, as well as some new paint (and a new fender, dont ask [crying]).  There is some body work needed from the rear bumper crush-in and, well, another small incedent along the same lines as the rear bumper crush in. 

I would like to come across some bolt on 19.5s but I cant find any used ones for any less than new, and new ones just arent in the budget right now.  I can go with 18s or 20s, but I think the tires alone are expensive for that, especially for keeping up with the E load range.
General Chit Chat / Re: Bit by the boat bug
I now have me a boat as well.  07 Stingray 180SX with the sundeck.  Very clean and low on hours.  Splashed it yesterday and it was a cold ride, but everything checked out okay.  They are installing a Monster Tower (MT1) on it now, so I do not have any ownership pics as of now.  Just the one where it was at the dealership.
General Tech / Re: Project Sasquatch
The 12Vs are all mechanical, is that really needed?  I know there is already more fuel going into the motor, but not sure what all is done, I need to go back through the messages to see it all.
General Chit Chat / Re: Crown Vic P71... need input
Get it.  And one for me too if you dont mind! ;D
General Tech / Re: Project Sasquatch
There were 3 recalls on the truck I had found out about, and the reason was the airbag light was coming on, and when the light was on I would not have power windows or a fan blower.  I couldnt deal with that and had the others taken care of, of which I dont know all the details of them.  I have ordered some of the smoked out clearance and fender lights, and they need some work getting in there.  They look great on there, but they have their own little harnesses that need to be installed and wired in (fender lights), and I just have not had time to do much of them.
Thanks Jason, Ernie at Warlocks did it, he did the star ansd will finish up the whole peice.

What are you thinking for your ink peice?
General Chit Chat / Re: Bit by the boat bug

3.0L still has enough to pull me on slalom and will run all weekend on a tank of fuel. 

3.0L is a SOLID power plant and never a bad choice.

My buddy's stingray has it in there and its strong, pulled us all day on a tube with good power and speed, sipping the fuel.  Im not going to turn down that option, just exploring all thats out there.
General Chit Chat / Re: Bit by the boat bug


I remember when I was a kid we would go out on my Dads sea ray thankgiving weekend, new years day, and all throughout the winter, but in power plant lakes like Hyco, I think thats where Jimmy goes.  Water is still warm enough where its not freezing cruising around, and warm enough to swim in, but that ride back was not so much fun lol

Im sorry, the 3.0 is a Volvo 4 cylinder, I was thinking the mercruiser lines, like the 4.3
General Chit Chat / Re: Bit by the boat bug

I remember when I was a kid we would go out on my Dads sea ray thankgiving weekend, new years day, and all throughout the winter, but in power plant lakes like Hyco, I think thats where Jimmy goes.  Water is still warm enough where its not freezing cruising around, and warm enough to swim in, but that ride back was not so much fun lol
General Chit Chat / Re: Bit by the boat bug

I'll bring the wake board ~ you pull me first.

Cameron ~ Used run abouts are not bad.  They can be fairly dependable do anything boats. 

For getting out on the water this year buying a running boat on a deal is the way to go.  In the end I'll have invested what I could have bought a clean runabout for.  Hopefully mine will have better resale value and make cooler vroom vroom noises.

Coming from a dealership family I know they are paying  XXX % interest per month on their inventory.  Incentive to sell from the factory at a loss should be in place NOW as otherwise the factory may get the boats back and neither the factory or the bank want them.

Thats what Im thinking.  Im looking at new StingRays tomorrow at the dealer, but will not come home with anything at this time.  May just put my name on it and pick it up when its ready and I have time.  The 185s and 195s look the most promising to me at this time.