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Samurai Tech FAQ / Pre-88.5 gauge cluster and EFI
How to retain the pre-88.5 tach instrument cluster when swapping in an EFI engine and wiring harness.,27444.0.html   (thanks skyhiranger)
General Chit Chat / Look out below!
A defunct satellite from the European Space Agency is set to plunge to Earth somewhere between Sunday and Monday. Real-time satellite tracking here:

Samurai Tech / Tracker PS pump with Toyota FJ box?
Hi all. I've got an FJ40 or FJ60 box with a forward-facing pitman arm waiting to go on Red Alert! It's been sitting in my garage for quite a while.  :-[  The hold up has been lack of funds for a TC pump and new hoses. This brings me to my question: is a TC pump absolutely necessary to get good steering performance from an FJ box, or will a stock Track/Kick pump get the job done? I'm running 35's and a front locker BTW.

I know I'll need new hoses at least. If anyone knows the thread size of the FJ box hose ends, please post up. Thanks.  :)
General Tech / Power steering fluid vs. ATF?
First question: I've used ATF in my power steering boxes for decades with no problems. I recently came across a warning in one of my owner's manuals that says ATF is not recommended for the power steering system. Does anyone know why?

Next question: if I wanted to drain the ATF from my gear box and replace it with power steering fluid, is there a way to do so without unbolting the box from the frame? The only thing I can think of is pulling the pitman arm and prying out the seal, then replacing the seal with a new one. That seems like a lot of trouble if the ATF isn't going to hurt anything.
General Chit Chat / Cool 360 degree photography
1) Go here:
2) Click Start and let the page load.
3) Use mouse to drag cursor around screen. Mouse wheel (if you have one) zooms.
4) Use button at bottom of screen to change point of view

Anyone have any recommendations?
Just wondering how everyone is ringing in the new year!  :) 
Samurai Tech FAQ / Weber carbs
I'll add the most helpful threads to this post as I find them.,110246.0.html
A high cold idle speed is most likely the result of a vacuum leak, a bad or disconnected throttle opener valve, or a problem with the idle air control (IAC) valve. The IAC valve is adjustable if you're willing to make your own tool. For pictures of a throttle opener valve, and descriptions of the IAC valve adjustment procedure, check out these threads:,101804.0.html,67330.0.html
There should be a sticker under your hood with a hose routing diagram on it.  ;)  If yours is missing, or you need more information, try this:  (thanks Jim!)
BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Database Error messages
Anyone else getting them? I type a reply to a post or private message, hit the "post" button, nothing happens for about a minute, then a "Database Error" message appears.
Pix and Vids / 2012 UnZu videos
Bryan One:

Bryan Two: