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Toyota axle swap build up
Well, I've finally gotten some time to start this thread going. I am swapping out my suzuki axles for toyota axles, rebuilding them and reinofrcing them as well. I am also going with rear disk brakes, toyoa high steer with an FJ80 steering box. I'll be adding a rear traction bar as well and running toyota drive lines with rock rat adapters.

Started with the rear axle. Here's all the parts that will go into the rear axle

Got the tires pull off the suzuki axle

Couple of ubolts didn't want to come off so I helped them along

Got the rear axle off

Here's what all I removed off the rear

Here's the drive line I will use for the rear axle. It's a front CV drive line from a first gen toyota pickup. As well as the rockrat adapter.

The hardware I received with my adapters was a bit long. Not sure if that is the norm or if I got the wrong hardware. Not a big deal though. I'll just cut the ends of the bolts off.

Here we are setting the drive line angle with teh angle finder. Since it's a CV shaft the pinion will point at the tcase.

Perches are tacked in place

Rear axle is welded up and ready to paint.

I figured I might as well rebuild the axles while I had it all apart. Got the rear bearings pressed out

Here's teh rear axle painted and the shafts with new bearings

I am running monte carlo calipers in the rear. There's a small tab that needs to be ground off on about 50% of the calipers. Its no big deal

Here's the painted axle with the brake lines present

Here's the rear disk brakes

Here it is all together and mounted

With the tires mounted. These are 33x14x15 boggers

Not sticking out too much futher than I was when I was running suzuki axles with 1.5" spacers

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Now for the front.

Front axle removed along with steering arms

Sammy with no front axle

This is the third member I am running in the front. It has some rust on the teeth. I was wooried about it but I just cleaned them off as best I could.

Got the lock rite installed

Pulled out the sidekick power steering I was running

These are the brackets that my buddy designed for me. We had another guy burn them out. One plate will be welded to the exisiting toyota perch.

Like this

Toyota front axle with trail gear truss and sky spring perch

Here's teh axle with the lower custom plate

Lots of clearance for the dif to be installed and removed

Here it is with upper bracker attached as well.

I order the knuckle ball gussets from marlin crawler. These things are beefy and fit great!

trail gear diff cap

Custom bracket is spaced in slightly to fit the narrower sazuki spring location.

Here's the fron axle painted and mounted.

We called it quits at this point as it was well over 100° and we had worked Friday evening, all day sat and all morning sunday. Made some pretty good progress. Had to do a lot of running around on Sat to get misc parts that I missed and some toyota only parts as well. All and all not a bad weeked and a good start on the proect.

Future plans are a truss for the rear axle and a new rear traction bar. Still trying to figure out what PS setup to go with up front...

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Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Looks great! I wanna do yota axles soon!

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Nice work  [headbang]
I have a Sky offset rear also.  I like it a lot.  I notched the rear disk brake bracket insteed of the caliper, that way if I ever have to replace the caliper, I can just slap it on.

I'm running an IFS box with a PSC pump.  It works really well.  I have no problem turning 35 in MTRs.

again nice work
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Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Just wanted to let everyone know that these prototype plate I'm using will be available through Sky-Manufacturing soon. Not sure on cost just yet.

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Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Hey Bill, nice work and looking good ;)  what inner axles are used in the modified/offset Toy housing?   Weed

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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The short side is just a modified toyota axle shaft. The long side is a toyota T100/Tundra shaft.

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Finally got more work done. I was waiting on some parts from toyota to finish up the front axle rebuild.

Rebuilt the hubs while I had them out:

Front axle rebuilt and ready to roll

And here it is with the bogger installed...
15x10 rims with 4" BS and 33X14.50X15 boggers.

Items left to finish......
Move Rear Axle back 1"
Rear Axle Truss
Rear Shock mounts (axle side)
Rear Traction Bar
Axle Gear oil
Modfiy Rear Driveline
Modify Front Driveline
Move Front Axle Forward 1"
Front BrakeLines
Front Shock Mounts (frame side)
Axle Gear oil
Install FJ-80 Box
Install HighSteer
PSC Power steering
Bleed System
Replace MC with bigger unit
Install Line Lock
Bleed System
Trim Fenders
Install Bushwacher Fender flares

So there is just a bit left to do.....

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Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Hey bud, what you gonna do with the 1.5" samurai spacers? are they gonna be for sale?   Weed

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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The spacers have already been spoken for as has the rear axle and high steer. Thanks for asking though.

I just picked up Sky's Toyota High Steer kit as well as some misc peices to fab up my traction bar mounts and shock mounts.

Should be a productive weekend!

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Very nice write-up [thumbsup]

Good job on the swap...let us know how it all works out and how you like that offset Toy axle.

;D Vehicular Packrat ;D

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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I notice that the steering stop have been removed.
What are you replacing them with?
Looks great so far
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Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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I remember reading something somewhere about the rear pinion not being lined up with the transfercase. to me that means the DS would look something like this    /     that doesnt sound too good. how's it looking for you? Have you ran into any trouble? I've got some yota's that I want to throw on(if only it were that easy) but am making sure i have all the bases covered before I dive into the project. Anyway, looks good!
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Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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He has an offset Toy rear modified by  ;)  Weed

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Worked all weekend on the rug again. Made some good progress too.

Got the rear shock locations figured out

Got the front fram cleaned up to mount the steering box and shock mounts

Mock up of the steering box location

Stock FJ80 pitman arm vs. the toyota 2wd 3rd gen pitman arm that I used

box and pitman mounted with plate tacked into place

Back of plating for steering box

steering box mounted up

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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I wanted to chang the master cylinder since I went to 4 wheel disc brakes. I looked at all the options and decided to try something different. I went to the junk yard and dug around. I found a MC out of a 93 3.0 Mazda 929 that bolted up but had a 1" bore and the car came stock with 4 wheel disc brakes.

Everything about this bolts-on... but you do have to adjust the plunger in the booster - but thats easy.

Here is what the plunger looks like from the stock sami booster. To remove this from the booster, it just pulls right out.

You then unscrew the end of it and trim off 1/4".

Screw it back on and set it to 2 3/8" long.

Then for a test fit you can double check that to the MC which should be 2 3/4" long from the mounting surface of the Master Cylinder which is what the oringal dimension was with the Sami MC - but I just forgot to take a picture of it.....

And here it is bolted back on.

BTW that black box in the lower left hand corner of the picture, that is plumbed inline with the front brake line is just a electric line lock, which is not required for the swap.

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Got the rear axle truss mocked up

rear traction bar and crossmember.

Rear axle with truss supports and traction bar mounts

traction bar crossmember mounted

everything mounted up.

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Here's the front steering shaft. Just mated up the stock samurai shaft on one end the stock FJ80 on the other end and shortened it all

Here it is mounted up

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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mounted up the front shock towers.

With shocks mounted

Front brake lines installed

Re: Toyota axle swap build up
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Here she is with the tires and all mounted up

Steering looks good

looks like I have a bit a cutting to do up front but the firewall looks good