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Computer PCM / ECM "ID numbers"

Started by Whitfield, Monday, Apr 24, 2006, 10:56 PM

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1992 Vitara JLX 5 door manual transmission, 16 valve (G16B)
33920-57B3 0



my list is not perfect. but has all the common pn

i made this from the WW EPC (electronic parts cat) and 50 others sources, mostly ecu shops.

retired mech older than dirt.


you can buy the WW EPC , Off ebay.
in it is all pn for ecu world wide.

electronic parts catalog.


here is my crude list. there are some mistakes but they are obvious.
the suffix make sense if you look hard enough.

retired mech older than dirt.


i upgraded my list. yesterday.

down load it .

it is free. and I made it.
retired mech older than dirt.


my server melted hdd.
prof. service now.

91-95 , 8v and 16v.

I rev. engineered the 96 ECU (good to 98 i think)
has all driver transistors ID'd and sourced.


and my new ecu parts list.

retired mech older than dirt.


retired mech older than dirt.


Haven't seen one here thay's even close to mine.
95 Sidekick,1.6 16v,5 speed,two wheel drive
E2T 42971 M1
5126C A4


Haven't seen one here thay's even close to mine.
95 Sidekick,1.6 16v,5 speed,two wheel drive
E2T 42971 M1
5126C A4

Just so you know.....when comparing ECMs and interchangability the only things that are really relevant is the 33920-xxxx number and the FED or US and AT or MT.
If you look at yours, you will likely see that there is a 0 or O after the 70EA.  So if that is the case, there are a couple of others on here that is the same as yours.
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That's what i thought. But I didn't see any even the 95 listing with 70EA 0. And I'm assumeing that bottom letters US MT is for USA manual trans. Do the numbers have to be a perfect match? I can't even find a listing anywhere even A-1 Cardone that has my numbers.


That's what i thought. But I didn't see any even the 95 listing with 70EA 0. And I'm assumeing that bottom letters US MT is for USA manual trans. Do the numbers have to be a perfect match? I can't even find a listing anywhere even A-1 Cardone that has my numbers.

Really?  Look at one of my old posts.....I list that exact number and that exact year.  I think there was one other post with that same number too (might not have listed the year along with it).
Yes, for it to be a sure match the 33920-xxxxx numbers have to be an exact match.  Others may work, or may not......the only way to be 100% sure is to match the 33920-xxxxx number exact.  But I have used ECMs with slightly different 33920-xxxxx numbers and they work, but I don't really have any rule on if they will work or not....it is kinda a hit or miss on whether they will or not.
Yes, MT-manual, AT=auto.

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Here are a couple of sites for ECM number reference.  I don't know about the accuracy of the listings though.

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Friday, Apr 22, 2011, 05:47 PM Last Edit: Friday, Apr 22, 2011, 06:44 PM by jtgh


here is my ecu is, dead page.   Most fails are easy to fix.  ask for help.


all these numbers are in the Suzuki EPC, ELECTRONICS PARTS CATALOG, can be bought for near nothing. 
and in the GM ufiche, which call  out same P/N's as Suz EPC. in the GM fiche. i have the GM parts manuals too.
all 3 sources of PN i have.

my list  (EPC  sourced)

check it out.

yes, the last digit is important and  can  mean many things, calif model or a revision.  look at my pages and see what they mean.
many posts leave this last digit blank.  the other odd numbers are the Mitsubishi codes. and includes Firmware revision levels.

there is no reason to guess ecu pn. not at all.
it's in the EPC
All you need is , the Suffix number 56B30 and the US MT or US AT  (the MT and AT are encoded in the suffix so is redundant)
The US means US smog certified.
really if buying a USA ECU , for a USA CAR, only the SUFFix need be worried about.  56B30 for example .

here are the links to all Suzuki EPC pn. one link. to all numbers USA and Canada.  89-98 only.

retired mech older than dirt.


full USA /Canada parts list
the whole list.
why guess? 
retired mech older than dirt.


i took my site down (someone in Italy stole it, so , frak them  huh?)
but all the numbers are in the ufiche. every one, same with the GM fiche, i have both fiche sets. so know this for a fact.

the ecu ALso has different code in different countries..  those Mitsubishi # show that.  (posted many times)
the ROM memory uses different rules for the smog devices..  (ROM,PROM,EPROM, FLASH, no matter in the processor core) read only memory.
case in point.:
in usa that ROM will force the car in to limphome if EGR fails but in the canada ROM, it will not.
big difference, same base part number.

so the MT really does mean MT
and The "US" same, it has the US smog rules in force that year.
the AT puter will run in an MT (mostly)
and the mt will never ever work in AT car,  3sp no overdrive,  4sp DOA.  (ecu sends load data to TCM)

the car body VIN shows the market the car was built for and the ECU matches the body and drive train.
that be it.

ill add a link to my 2 files soon.
just the suzuki numbers, not GM, gm fiche, just directly calls out the SUZUKI ecu pn, btw.
you can find fiche for sale in ebay , no need to work blind, at all.
no need to guess, or do wild speculations, its all in print. !

retired mech older than dirt.


Sunday, Aug 12, 2012, 08:11 AM Last Edit: Sunday, Aug 12, 2012, 09:47 AM by jtgh
a shame (sham) i can edit my old posts.  really but here is an update.  (long sorry, but covers most myths and the silly guessing of ecu nums)
with help and links , i ended it for ever, (post the files ) dah?
myth 1:
it's not
hit or miss
, you just dont have the right PDF.  i'ts all there if you just look,,, 
and you never asked, all you did was speculate that its unknown, IT IS NOT!

myth 2: i cant find it, and was posted. 2 times. now 3 by me.

That's what i thought. But I didn't see any even the 95 listing with 70EA0. And I'm assuming that bottom letters US MT is for USA manual trans. Do the numbers have to be a perfect match? I can't even find a listing anywhere even A-1 Cardone that has my numbers.
yes. mostly read on....
myth 3:
because they cant FIX THEM ALL.  ever try fixing some 95'"  but call them and ask if they will fix yours?
they sometimes dont have repaired cores, (suzuki's are underdogs and parts are rare)  so dont list the rare ECUs.  but they do say
they can fix some, but that takes, asking......
some of the chips inside, are NOT MADE or sold.  so to fix them (eg custom mitsubishi 95 power reg) you must rip one off another dead ECU. (say its burned up ,for example )
but if that ECU is rare (it is) then how are you going to do that?   no man can crap chips.  you need a source. so dont use ECU repair
centers as  center of information, due to these facts.   ( but the hits you see are mostly correct , sure)
if you think  suzuki are common, check out the production figures, (minuscule to the extreme) (zero down south ,most are up north) whats left.
good questions, all, sure they count, but that depends on who's looking... you, me, your smog tester or worse the California, new smog visual inspector (yes new, and is a Nazi !)
does this matter, these numbers, sure ! all ! read on.

but each number has a meaning and a purpose.  some are just sub-assembly part numbers. or circuit board numbers. (inside)
btw the last digit , in 70AE0 can be revisions or can be TARGET smog application (country or just for California ) Calif is treated as a separate country.  (as does NY and  a few other states, )
PR of Calif.?  that is the best name... IMO

(in the fiche dead center too)  last post above asked , so i answer in details.

the ufiche (micro films sheets, for you young folks)  shows. for above #  (and 100% all the parts in car !)
base 95 model,  for 95 with MT ,  4valves(means 16v in suz parlance)    2 door and 4 door, its listed in both places and never as Calif ECU,
sorry cant mix valves.  no way , no how.  next?

the Cal. ecu is diffr..the cal ecu is different for AT , doors and 4wd.  (the Calif ecu will go nuts in a fed body or the reverse,  can elaborate. later..)
See my new link below, my buddy gave me space...  go ahead and steal them , after all, the Italy JOKER! that stole my site already did, so have at em.. "welcome to it" I took my site down.  makes me sick others cashing in , on my work, but, that is life. 

making fiche copies is not easy,,,,,  i did it. (cant now,but could)

if you use the AT puter , it will run in a MT, and may need mods to fool the park input to the ECU. ask? (idle goes nuts, the idle controller valve)
as you may not know the TCC puts a totally different load on the motor in drive, than any MT in neutral , so that has ISSUES. (can be solved)

if you mix bodies,  2 for 4 or 4 to 2 doors, the load factors changes and the MT  i dont think any driver will ever notice the load factors being off.
im sure. I cant. I ran a AT in a mT car for 1 year,  it got 29mpg and ran perfect. 91 year. uSA. (fuel tables and the like are tiny bit diffr)

but the load factors in the ROM are different as is the 2wd . (calif has more)
in the AT, the 4wd mode blocks AT lockup.."safety"  so that too is has issues. if using wrong AT puter. in a  4wd. or 2wd.

when posting, give specific examples.  like
what happens when i mix this ecu with this car, (spec out car, like motor , 8v,16v,4wd, doors, etc) and state the wrong ecu attempted.
give full sticker data.or just  post the ECU pn and just ask, what applications?

parting shot.
the inside of the ecu there is this long P/N with the ROM version,  Ive seen the wrong board in the wrong case.
P/N = Part number, PCB means printed circuit board.  ROM means, Read only memory (the processors instructions and fuel tables) or MAPS.

the case ROM number must match the PCB long number suffix or someone swapped the guts of your ECU. sorry, but stuff happens.  be alert.
my buddy ,gave me open browser here. grab it and put it on the Ack fact pages... link them using HTML only links.

ECU part-numbers  VERBATIM from SUZUKI.  (if the codes dont make sense to you ask , it is commented by me)

btw all these posts for what i found is just more chaos. why do that...?  showing wrong ecu in wrong car. to what end does that help.?
better , look it up.? no fiche, no pdf like above.  ?
better, ask what yours fits.  it's in the book,?

my guess, is nobody but me has fiche? is that it? tell me.?  I got mine in 5min off ebay, i do that for all old cars. and motorcycles. day 1 then FSM.

ok now to stomp out the myths
only the p/n suffixc counts
, that is just  not true  , posting that myth is bad.
all the numbers count, if you dont understand them ,then by all means ask.
here is the truth, but changes to more complex truths by county , newer cars, and options.
AT/MT  ( cant run mt in a AT , no way) but in 3sp it will shift but lockup fails. in 4sp, no way.
valves. (2 radically different injections systems ) and SPORTS too are radically diffr..  3 kinds USA, in Europe 8 kinds.  deal with it.
door counts  (load factors) (mostly not important unless calif inspector looks)
2wd and 4wd.  (if you have a 4wd AT with a 2wd ECU , the TCC lock up will go quite nuts) and the reverse. and with MT in the AT car, the TCC lock will be quite dead.
smog regions. (vast differences.)
calif or not calif called 48/49 state or cal car.    2 different ECU some cars, some configs.  depends on year
case in point.
the Calif body has a unique harness,and a unique EGR. (the thermistor is sensed, and yes, i know how to fool it)
If you put a wrong ecu in the cal body, it will either set the CEL forever or punish you with limphome, (varies by year but this bull starts in 1993)
if you put a cal ecu in a US FED body, it too, will be mad at you and may not work very good. 
at the least CEL is on for ever code 51 ( many show horrid MPG , 15mpg is common)
or that and limphome punishments.
The reason 51 can be so bad (depends on mix) is that the FED and Calif ARB thinks HC (wasted fuel) is the lesser of the 2 enemies.
NOX and HC, so the mindless simple logic, EGR bad, means high NOX , go to limphome now..
that is the truth, took long hard work to find it , in the EPA logs.
solution.  (down grade ECU, fix ECU , get right ECU or fix EGR) 

this is all off top of head. IIRC. but that is the basics on ECU. hope this helps someone.

no man knows the smog variances in total,  no one.  (retried suzuki guy?)  there is one guy here on this forum that can tell you the
Mitsubishi number decodes.  (to a small extent but can)

there are over 50 smog zones world wide.  and is encoded in the PN and or the ROM Numbers..
but this "US" marked tags. on the sticker limits that... if US tagged, and the main PN matches the FICHE, then it is the right number.

more.. sorry for long post, but dont want to get my edits cut, I wanted this info in 1 spot. long but extensive.... sorry.
if in canada, the old years, are 3 kinds of kicks. SOLD. or allowed to be registered.?
1: real canada.  (maple leaf sticker on engine bay fire wall is my first clue)
2: usa cars  (vin shows that) as does its market.
3: gray market.  (from any country)
in 1998 canada, went to OBD2, (usa 1996)

all USA perspectives, YMMV or your ecu may vary. ask.
Happy trails !

NOOB stuff.. see it posted so....
the OBD2 ecu cars and OBD1 cars ECU are not swappable.
not even close. (assumes you didnt swap everything else.) huge list........
the sticker is on the top
remove ECU the see the sticker?
sure the screws suck but get them out with a motorcycle case screw slam hammer driver
the kickem to the crub and put in fresh 6mm hex nuts,  end stuck for ever.
the top of the ecu has a water shield dont lose it, water can leak in window seals above, and wreck a good ecu.
do not touch the circuits. or pins. use and antistatic strap (ESD methods , google it)
ah 1 last comment.
all connectors on the car are locked, never (noob) just yank on them (any car really) look and depress the lock then gently wiggle.
the ECU conns ARE LOCKED..  HINT @!
i just hate to see you do that.  sorry if too late.
retired mech older than dirt.


Can someone please tell me what this computer number fits

33940 60A00


Monday, Aug 20, 2012, 09:10 AM Last Edit: Monday, Aug 20, 2012, 09:13 AM by jtgh

that is NOT AN ECU !  you failed to read the prefix.

that is an abs module off a 95,

google the number, its not hard to see or find...
its sold all over Ebay.


33920 dash means ECU
33940 dash means ABS
retired mech older than dirt.


Monday, Sep 23, 2013, 11:10 PM Last Edit: Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013, 02:12 AM by rangerscott

71E1 6J
E2T44271 T2

96, 2 DR, 16V, 4WD, 5 SPEED

E2T42971 M1
4X28C A4

95, 4 DR, 16V, 2WD, 5 SPEED


93, 4 DR, 16V, 4WD, 5 SPEED

'96 tracker, 2 DR, 16V, 4WD, 5 SPEED
71E1  6J
E2T44271 T

Take cover off and on the green connection is 4271T


'98 tracker, 4 blue connector
33920-72E90  -- 0 is in black square
72E9  3R

On top of blue connection is 171T



'97 tracker, 4 blue connection
33920-72E10 --  0 in black box
71ES  3I   --  guessing upper case i

Top of of blue connector is 8771T



Now there is physical difference on the circuit boards between these two.   In the top left corner there is a difference in transistors.  One has extras and the other is missing it.  The '96 green 3 plug ecm has the extra transistors.

The other 4 plug ecm that DOESN'T have the extra stuff has a lot smaller main brain, the size of a dime and the other two are the size of a half dollar.
Partsdinosaur.    Your engine rebuild needs.


Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013, 08:45 AM Last Edit: Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013, 09:14 AM by jtgh
im guessing at your question,  just what is it, there are vast numbers of ECU used world wide, I presume yours is a USA market car.
did you look them up here,
see how Suzuki , varies them by , transmission, body class(weight) year, and 2wd/4wd", country.... etc? GM don't make Geo ECUs. they are Suzuki.?Mitsu. FYI

72e11 is, 2door only. 96, USA.  5speed only , OBD2 only.


70EA0,  95  , OBD1 only, big difference there,
2door,federal(usa) , 16v MPI, new EGR2 level with thermoprobe. , 5sp

with crib notes! check it out,

58B30 ( OBD1 only)
is 92,93 only, federal usa, never calif.  ,speed, 4doors,  NO IAT (sensor on air cleaner box, there is none)  early EGR level 1 , no thermo probe
you might find the IAT inputs missing,  on the PCB,  and for sure they all have custom firmware to match, the above,  usage.

check out  the PDF, see my comments there, it should clear up , why they  are different, if not , ask.
retired mech older than dirt.


33920 56B70
Vitara 1993 1600 JLX CAMI 4WD Cabrio

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