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What I've Been Up To!
Hi Guys! OK for those that know me ya probably already know. For those who don't here we go.  It all started when I pulled my trans for a new clutch. After dropping the trans I looked up and saw what I thought would be a minor rust hole.

So I got my fat but up off the ground and pulled out my seats and carpet. I couldn't believe my eyes, the whole back section was rusted, wheel wells were shot, front floors had a bunch of holes.
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I was really surprised because this is what the Tracker looked like from the outside!
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Pt. 3
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Well I could'nt have that so I got my tools together.  I know everyone will not have all the

tools so ya might have to compromise, but these are some of the tools that I recomend.

1. Air Compressor
2. Drill Press
3. Chop Saw
4. Mig Welder
5. Several Different air tools
6. Different size Clamps
7. Fitting tools
8. Refreshments, optional
9. Let us not forget safty equipment.  
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The first thing I removed eas the rear floor section. then I cut and cleaned the rear wheel wells!
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Then I cut and broke my new wheel well sections, then I got to thinkin  [idea] man what a [censored] it is to get at the fuel pomp and gas lines. I really do hate takin out the gas tank on these. So I decieded to put in an access panel. so I measured out the frame work for the door and welded it in. I used 1'x2'x1'8wt tubing. Next I installed my wheel wells.
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Cut out my door and welded on a piano hinge and installed it.
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Pt. 7
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OK, now with all of that said and done I got to looking at the back of the Tracker and thought to myself, Man I'm really :o at how ugly this little thing is back here. It looks like everyone Else's. So I got go diggin in my parts bin and came up with a pair of 1974 Mercury Comet tail lights. After a little [smiley=headscratch.gif] I said Wow this will work so u guessed it. I cut one tail light in half and made 2 for the Tracker, and they fit like a glove.
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Well I got 2 new front fenders for Xmas. Still have some more metal work to do, throw the trans back in. my next thing is to build my rear top section and pick one of these grills. The top will be on these lines, pic below.  Comments Please.   Oh I almost forgot. A couple of days ago I finished my rear door. Frenched in my plate, shaved and filled everything. I'll have some pix up by Monday.  More to come as the weather permits. I will try to keep it as informative and entertaining as I can. Forgot to ask. Comments on the tail lights in Pt. 7. Stay tuned for Pt. 9!    Thanks George.
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Re: Pt. 3
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In order,
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Re: What I've Been Up To!
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I merged all of your posts. Please don't make 8 different posts for the same topic ;)
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Re: What I've Been Up To!
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Very nice idea on the fuel sending unit. ;)  I have mixed emotions on the tailights, but non the less....nice work. ;D

I have a great wife. ;)

Re: What I've Been Up To!
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Ok Guys just got finished puttin the motor in my 93 TinTop, now she's just like new again, after sitting in storage for about 4 years.  The weather here in the Big D. (Detroit) is finally start to mellow out a little bit so I can get back to my SoftTop. To date everything I've done to it has been pretty simple, but I do have one really big problem that I hope the Zuwharrie clan can help me out with!

What color to paint it, I want something that will jump out at ya. Been kickin around Bright Red, Orange, Yellow and everything in between. I want to go with a solid color and simple pinstripes, maybe (not sure) some simple graphics.  Lookin for any and all sugestions.  Thanks Ahead to the BEST Zuki site in town. George. 
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