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t-case flange nut removal??
i started to tear the t-case down today to put the 6.5 to 1 trail gear gears in my sammy t-case and did not get very far due to not being able to remove the flange nuts, even with my impact wrench they wont budge, i saw a tool on a post someone made  put dont have the stuff to make, does anyone have any suggestions ??

Re: t-case flange nut removal??
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did you pound out the locking indent on the nut?

Re: t-case flange nut removal??
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when i tore mine apart i had crank up the psi on the compressor to almost 100psi those things were realy on there but they did come off spary em with some pentrating fluid let it sit then hit it with the impact

Re: t-case flange nut removal??
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i tried but it seems like they wont come all the way out, what have people used to do that, i have tried a flat head screwdriver and a hammer with no luck

Re: t-case flange nut removal??
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Larger impact.   I had to turn the pressure up to 140psi and let it hammer and hammer will twisting the impact......  may sound stupid but it was a trick I learned a while ago.

Re: t-case flange nut removal??
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ya i dont think my impact is going to cut it, or my compressor for that matter  :-\\\\

Re: t-case flange nut removal??
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Whatever you do, be carefull with the 'indent" in the flange nut, people have been known to break the tips of picks and screwdrivers in there,then it;s a real PITA to get off.

if you have a weak compressor, but ti goes to 100psi or so, hit the impact, then stop and let the pressure build back up in the hose before you hit it again. if I try to run my impact for more than 5-10 seconds the hose can;t supply enough air to it and it has a weak impact.

if you have a propane torch, heat the nut real really good before you give it a go, it always helps free the hard stuff up.
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Re: t-case flange nut removal??
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well i rummaged through the side yard and found some scrap and made a "flange holding tool" to break it loose

pretty rough but it worked: