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body work cut out help needed

Started by Nobby, Saturday, Oct 03, 2009, 10:28 AM

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Hi guys

im a bit stuck on what to do......
over here in the uk we do winch challenge comps and the body work gets battered so im thinking of cutting all the body work and the floor away but leaving the bulk head and screen in a building off there
has any one done this build

heres my truck as it was at the start of the season



come on guys im sure some body has done this conversion over there

basically i want want left is the bulk head and screen and build from there



Hi Jason, a friend of mine is also does winch challenge comps and bash up his zuki every time, now he is modifying the external roll cage, hopefully it works.


Here is one that my friend built, the only thing that is left over from the Samurai is the firewall (bulk head), hood, about two foot (60cm) of the frame, and maybe the option to bolt a windshield (wind screen) back on.
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looks pretty good
but im worried about the strength of the structure once all is cut out

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